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Third-world countries can be defined as the nations that are economically, socially and politically unstable, and depend on other more developed countries for assistance. The other term that simply defines third-world country, is undeveloped country. This term arose immediately after the cold war, and it defined the countries that remained non-aligned, in other words not moving with either capitalism or communism. Africa is known to have the highest number of third-world countries. In this case, china can not be categorized as a third-world country, despite the theories that proves otherwise. On the contrary, china is among the independent states that can fully supports its people without seeking assistance from other nations. In fact, china has been on the frontline in helping third-world countries in Africa by giving aids and loans. China has proved to the world that it can even become the superpower in the next few years.

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Technology is among the facts that prove china's developments, locally and internationally. The world we live in is changing at an alarming rate as a result of all the new discoveries that have been made over the years.  These new discoveries have been aided by the availability of better learning facilities and equipment. These were not available in the early days. As scientists continue to discover and invent new equipment, the world is adapting them and incorporating them in the societies. As a result, the world we are living in is heavily dependent on inventions and machines to carry out tasks. Moreover, as a result of the advanced technology, people are getting more intelligent hence they are able carry out more researches of their own as well as make their own new inventions. In the past few years, china has been the leading nation in creating new and the best technological equipments. China has proved to have people with most creative minds, and have developed equipments that can survive in the changing environment. For instance, they have been able to create cars that can use water and solar panel instead of fuel.


China has also been the best producer of agricultural products. Its soil is for good growing variety of crops such as rice, pyrethrum, maize, beans, coffee, tea, bananas, among other crops. China is able to sufficiently provide food to its people, as well as earning foreign income for exporting its high quality products. Through the new technological techniques, china has been able to deal with the severe weather condition, and is able to supply food even during the worst climatic conditions. Other nations have been seeking advice from china on how to succeed in farming. China has been practicing agriculture since 7500 BC, and has gain a lot of experience in this field. China has created the best and modern ploughs and has used them to maintain food safety. It also manufactures the best fertilizers in the world and gains a lot of money by distributing them to other countries.


Industrialization is one of the factors that differentiate a third world country and a developed country. Over the past years, industrialization in china has risen at a high rate. Annual report in 2001 stated that china gains more 270 US dollars. It was also ranked as the sixth nation worldwide to have the largest exporting economy in 2003. As a scientist and historian say, china was among the nations that influenced industrialization in Europe in the Stone Age period. Researchers have also reported that the republic of china has become a competitor in the world's economy, due to it high-growth rate in industrialization and gross domestic products (GDP). However, china has succeeded in its efforts in developing the world economically. Currently, china is among the top ten countries that owns big companies locally, and in other cities in different nations.

Birth rate

High birth rate is considered to be one of the factors that categorize a third-world country. Most countries in Africa have suffered from poverty and other calamities due to uncontrolled high birth rate. Families have many children that it can not afford to feed let alone educating. This has led to uncivilization to many slowing the economic growth of these countries. On the contrary, this is not the case in china. The country is big enough to accommodate millions of population. Secondly, the economic standard of china is stable enough to support its population and other people from other countries. In order to be able to support its people, china adopted a one-child policy in 1979. People working for the government or even those living in urban areas are only allowed to have one child, and incase they need a second child the family will have to continuously pay some money to support the child until he or she is over the age of 18. The rest are allowed to have two or more children, but only under one condition that the gap between the children should be of five years or more. The government of china has been able to control the birth rate in order to maintain and improve their economic standards.

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Medical Services

According to the United Nations (UN) secretary general Koffi Annan, a developed country should have its people free, and safe from unhealthy conditions. By this, a developed country should have proper medical services and have organization protecting the health and safety of its people. China has proved to be a third-world country by providing proper medical facilities and services to its citizens. Due to over population in the past, china could not provide quality medical services to people in rural areas. First-class medical facilities were only available in urban areas or big hospitals in rural areas. There is now free medical services for children and free medication for vital diseases such as HIV/AIDS. The government of china has ensured that people with financial difficulties, can be provided with emergency medical services so as to secure their health and reduce the mortality rate. People working for the government are deducted some money in their salary, for medical insurance. China has even gone ahead by assisting third-world countries with aids to support their medical services.

Marketing Products and Goods

Most of the third-world countries especially in Africa depend on developed countries for marketing their finished goods. They have no branches and business networks in international markets; therefore, they solely depend on other countries to market for their goods hence lose a lot of cash in the negotiations. In this case, china has proved to be a developed country by marketing its products, and helping other nations market their goods. The world has more than 190 countries, and being among the top ten ranked countries indicates that china is not only a developed country, but is among the best countries worldwide. China has also maintained it's competitiveness in international markets through the quality production of its goods. China has now become a role model to many nations which are striving, to reach their standards. However, this was not achieved easily, but through hard work and determination of people and political leaders.

Living Standard

Unlike in third world, china has at least average living standard for people considered to be of lower class in the country. This means that people considered to be poor in china can be of the average level in third-world countries. This has been enhanced by the high economic growth in china. The lifestyle of Chinese people is good such that there are muddy houses or non educated people due to financial difficulties. According to recent studies, in some third-world countries students have no classrooms, and are forced to study under trees despite the scorching sun. In other places, young girls are forced to stay at home in order to perform household chore while others are forced to drop out of school as young as 15years in order to get married. In china, this is prohibited and it is against the law. Young boys stay at home to herd livestock in order to have something to sell and get some money for food and clothes.

Poverty is only experienced in third-world countries. China has disapproved to be among the developing countries by leading a stable and standard lifestyle. Issues like slow growth rate are never experienced in china. In most of the third-world countries, the cost of imports is more than the export cost. China has been leading in the international exporting markets. Unlike third-world, countries, China has emergency strategies of dealing with calamities such as floods, drought and earthquakes. Developing nations are always unprepared, and depend on other countries for funds to deal with calamities. For instance, china has severally experienced floods, drought and earthquakes and has never even once sought donors in other countries to help them out. Unless there were thousands of deaths like in Haiti, a developed country can be able to deal with the situation. Poverty has formed a mentality in people in developing countries where by, they only strive in order to live a good life instead of creating a better tomorrow for the next generation.

Modernization of Infrastructure

Modernization of infrastructure is a rare factor that can be found in third-world countries. China has become a tourist attraction site because of its natural and traditional sites and also the development made in roads, building, means of transport, food stuff and other modern forms of lifestyles. China has electric trains which are known, to be expensive and can not be afforded by developing nations. Olympics were once held in china because it is among the best stadiums in the world and that can accommodate thousands of people. By the look of the city, one can be able to tell that the country is economically stable. Most of the developing countries are financially unstable and have to seek for Aid and loan from other countries, in order to put up some development or investments. China has always been in the frontline in helping these countries. For example, recently china gave Kenya millions to reconstruct their roads in order to solve the problem of traffic congestions. It also gave democratic of Congo some money to cater for medical expenses of the people injured during the tribal wars.

International Media Networks

China has been known almost everywhere in the world through its international media networks. Chinese language has also become an international language that is taught and spoken in schools in other countries. Languages spoken in third-world countries are only spoken within the country or in other countries if it was brought by colonizing government during colonization. China has been able to sell out their cultures through movies and other media sources.  It has become easier because Chinese is recognized in most of the countries. Chinese people are known for practicing fighting techniques called kung-fu. They have become popular everywhere, and people want to learn them so as to use them for defense purposes. Chinese people are not regarded as strangers in other countries due to the wide network of china's media. China's cultural practices such as dancing, fighting, eating manner and other forms of lifestyles are practiced in other nation, because of movies and TV stations.

The Level of Education Standards

The form of education and the level of education standards in china are high, unlike in third-world countries. Third-world countries have a low level of education standards such that, students are forced to move to developing countries in order to higher their education in masters and PhDs. On the other hand, china is able to sponsor and offer education opportunities to vulnerable but bright students from third-world countries. For instance, medical laboratory for medical students in china are equipped with modern facilities and students do not have to move to other universities in other countries. Internet is also used as a method of learning in universities and in some high schools, where by students can study from home or anywhere through the Internet. These give Chinese people have the opportunity to secure employments even in other countries due to their high level of their education standards. This shows that china is not only developed country but also among the top in the list of developed countries.

Military Force

China is known to be a peaceful country but can be aggressive at times especially when provoked. Chinese military force is among the superior forces in Europe and worldwide. Its military force has the best attacking and defending techniques, and above all, they acquire nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are rarely owned by third-world countries and especially those in Africa. China was not colonized in the 20th century, and was among the well known countries that fought in the First and Second World War. Since then, china has never been involved in were and has concentrated in economic growth. Nevertheless, in 500BC, ancient china was known to have the superior military skills at those times, and used them in acquiring wealth from its neighbors and extending its borders. They used their hunting and horse riding techniques in attacking their enemies. In addition to this, china's military force has always been strong, china is never proud to show of their military superiority.


According to politics, third-world countries have a problem of having a weak government where by it is unstable at times. For instance, in Africa there have been several cases whereby the president refuses to resign even after spending decades on the presidency seat. People are forced to strike and form demonstrations for the president to resign. This shows how corrupt the government is, and the poor governing authority. Developed countries have a government where by political leaders are representatives of the people and not the governing authority that uses diplomacy. In china, this has always been the case. Citizens of china are protected by the constitution and are not mistreated in any way especially if it is against the law. In the world politics, china has never been heard with issues of poor governing. It is not that china is corruption free, but the rate is low, and citizens are contented with the ruling system.

However, it is clear that china is not among the third-world countries; on the contrary, it has been helpful to countries in crisis. China is among the five veto-wielding countries in the world, in other words it is among the big five countries. It is also clear that in the next few years, china might become the superpower.


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