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Most Companies depend heavily on electric power to keep their operations up and running. In the event that the power supply is cut short, losses are incurred and to the worst some businesses close down. The Bellagio hotel underwent the same difficult moment. The hotel management handled the situation effectively in that it shut down all electrical systems except for minimal emergency power. Guests in approximately three thousand rooms were relocated to other hotels on Sunday, and one thousand one hundred guests with reservations were referred to sister MGM properties, the Monte Carlo and Caesars Entertainment hotels. Staff members also got an indefinite break except for a few. These workers were left to water the plants to avoid damaging the conservatory while the minimal emergency power supplied enough air for the art work and the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art to be kept aired. Safety features remained operational and guests with reservations who had questions on accommodation were to call 693-7223 for assistance in finding alternative accommodation. Cases were handled on an individual basis and guests with tickets were to be refunded. In a board meeting on Tuesday, the MGM Mirage board of directors voted in unison to compensate all workers for their scheduled shifts from Sunday to Tuesday, and a further assurance that issues on payment beyond Tuesday would be addressed if the electrical trauma persisted.  However, the best reaction from the management was taking responsibility of the situation which is a sign of being progressive and in control of the situation. This retained the confidence in all stakeholders because they were made aware the management had precise assessment of the situation and ability to sort out the inconvenience.

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The hotel management has to be blamed because while contracting the power system designers, they should have gone further to have independent consultancy about effective organization of the system. This would have highlighted the dangers of having the backup system in the same duct with the main source, which hindered independent maintenance and repairs. It is modern practice to have parallel auditors in every field to act as specialized watchdogs who give independent opinion on the contracted parties. This ensures consistency and standardization in operations.

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