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DHL Express is a company that specializes in mail services in many nations of the globe. The company is a part of the Deutseche Post Company that is situated in Germany. The company delivers mail by use of sea and air transport. The company was established in 1969 and its services became worldwide spread 10 years later. In 2009 DHL stopped its operations in the United States. Nevertheless, this did not hugely affect its prominence and its earnings as it acquired more customers in countries that are not accessible to other delivery services such as Iraq and Afghanistan. The headquarters of DHL Express are located in Bonn. Its principal competitors include UPS among other famous package delivery companies.

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The DHL Website

The title of the website is DHL and it is not entirely informative since it does not offer any other information about the company. Its logo is written in red and it is quite eye-catching to individuals. There are many illustrations in the website; some of them are distractions but most of them are informative. The most informative of these are illustrations showing the transport systems of the company; there is an aeroplane, a bus and a ship which all are used to deliver packages. The layout of the website is particularly attractive. It is decorated with many colors such as yellow and red which provides an attractive and bright appearance of the website.  The layout is easy to navigate as the website provides sub-topics and explanations to every illustration in the website. A concise introduction is lacking in the website; however, there is a slideshow of words and pictures assuring the customer that the company is an international company that is dedicated to support of their business. The website also has multiple links from the introductory page to the other sites. These links are illustrated in sub-topics. The background color of the website is attractive to the eye. The writings of the website are done in red and yellow colors and they are easy readable. These colors provide a harmonizing effect and they do not contrast with the overall color of the website. The linked sub-topics are well developed and they are identified by arrows and their color. They lead to other sites that provide ample, reliable details about different sections and services of the company. The website is extremely objective and it has several viewpoints. The first viewpoint informs the customer that the company offers unique worldwide services to all companies. There is also another viewpoint that informs the viewer that the company has many capabilities to offer including quick delivery of services by air and water transport. The website provides facts about the company and other events from all over the globe. For instance, there is an advert about the birthday of the Pope which will take place on 20th of April. The company is extremely informative to the reader. For instance, colors used in the website are extremely attractive and there is also the fact that the company shows interest in other world events such as the birthday of the Pope. Moreover, the overall message of the website is not biased as there are no critical comments made about other companies.


FedEx is a service-oriented company whose headquarters are in the United States in Memphis. It is mainly involved in the planning and management of how packages are moved throughout the world. The corporation began its businesses in January, 1998. The brand name FedEx is Federal Express. Just like all other large package delivery companies, FedEx services are distributed all over the globe. FedEx is among the first package delivery companies to ever emerge. Initially, its services were restricted to the United States, but as time went by the company started worldwide operations of delivering cargo. FedEx has its own airline, which is termed as the largest cargo airline in the entire world. It therefore carries larger amount of cargo than any other airline. As it is the largest package delivery company in the globe, FedEx also has a wide variety of services that continue to increase each day. For instance, it has a home delivery service that ensures that customers get their luggage at the comfort of their homes. FedEx also assures its customers of the safety of their luggage with its multiple regulations and technological applications. Apart from its services in package delivery, FedEx is engaged in many other business ventures such as sponsoring campaigns and sports.

The FedEx Website

The FedEx web title is not entirely informative as it only mentions the brand name of the company. This means that if an individual who is not familiar with the company was to visit this website, he or she would not understand what the title stands for. However, the logo is quite well-branded as it has various colors that are noticeable to all. The website has not acknowledged its authors and there is no mention of the e-mail of the authors. The FedEx website is rather less clogged with illustrations; the only illustrations are a map of the world showing all the continents. These illustrations are less informative as they only show continents of the globe with no further explanation. The website is easy to navigate from the home page. The home page layout is less attractive; there are no details provided. There are more links available in relation to location of service delivery across the globe. Since the website layout does not have a lot of information, it is easy to navigate. There is a lacks of introduction and a summary purpose about the site. The website has numerous links for various service delivery points across all continents. These links lead to other sites that show services that are offered in each country. The links are functional. The typography rhymes with the background. The purple color works well with the white background. The company’s logo is purple hence the color is purple though black is also used for the typography.

The text is legible, straightforward and clear. The linked sub-topics are well developed and they are easily identified by bullets. The sub-topic links to other sites provide relevant and reliable information. The website is not truly objective as it only provides names of continents and their countries. Someone visiting the website may not easily determine why these countries are listed in the website. The website contains facts in terms of the countries and continents listed. The website is educative in the way that it is comprehensible. Moreover, the message in the website is not biased since just like other websites, it does not provide discriminative information about other companies. 

United Parcel Service

United Parcel Service is a company that specializes in delivery of packages. Its headquarters are located in Georgia in the United States. UPS is a global company and its services are accessible in more than 200 countries all over the globe. It therefore has many customers and this fact has made it possible for the company to operate its own airline. UPS was initially founded in 1907 and since then it has experienced gradual development and expansion of its services and profits. It has a large market in the United States and it also has many competitors in the nation, including FedEx. UPS is identified by its brown color since its workers wear uniforms with brown color and it also has brown vehicles that deliver its packages. In addition, its logo is brown, too. Amidst the few challenges that face UPS it has been noted that the company has an enormous potential for improvement of its services and increase in its profits.

The United Parcel Service Website

The title of this website is Find the shipping system that fits your business need. This title is informative as it notifies visitors that they can access shipping services of the company; these services are dynamic and they can suit the business preferences of a customer. The title does not specify its audience; rather, it generalizes and informs its audience that it is ready to offer any services that the customer prescribes. The website also has a logo with the initials of UPS. The logo is placed at the top of the page and it has brown color which is the signature color of the company. The title and the logo are thus informative as customers are informed that brown color is a representative of the company. The authors of this website are not identified and there is no e-mail address indicated in order to contact them. There are illustrations that include a box that is most probably among one of the boxes used to deliver packages. There is also a picture of a desktop computer. These illustrations are informative as they notify customers that their packages are kept safely and they can access UPS services online. There is a slideshow of pictures that inform the customer about all the potential services of the company. This makes the layout attractive and consistent.

The website is also easy to navigate as there are sub-titles that guide visitors on what they can access on the website. There is neither an introduction of the website nor a summary of the purpose of the website. There are multiple links from the introductory page to the main sub-topics of the page. For instance, there is a sub-topic that shows customers how they can contact the UPS team and how they can receive their shipment. Another advantageous feature of the website is that the writings of the website are large and eligible. They are also written in varying colors that do not contrast with the background color of the website. There are linked sub-topics which are well developed and they are also indicated in various colors and fonts. These sub-topics work and they lead the visitor to other sites that provide relevant details about all the services of the company. In my opinion, the website is objective and a viewpoint is presented in its main title. This viewpoint informs the customer that the company can serve all individuals regardless of the scope of their business. There are also other viewpoints that aim towards notifying the customer that the company does not tolerate fraud and other forms of dishonesty. The website also provides facts about the company. For instance, there is information about earnings of the company and the enhanced services of the company.

There is more information that has been acquired from the website. To begin with, the website provides an option for individuals to search any relevant information. It also provides a guide for the site that customers may find helpful in case they want to develop their own sites. The message in the website is not biased as the information given in the website does not compare services and experiences of the company with other competitive companies.

Parcel Link Express Delivery Services

Parcel Link is a new company in the package delivery industry. Its services range from delivery of luggage to individuals and businesses. On its website the company has a title and a brief introduction of the company and its services. There are a few recommendations that I would offer to the website maker. To begin with, the website should have an attractive look, such as an attractive color. The website should also have illustrations that should be informative to the audience. The creator of the website should also make it engaging and it should have plenty of reliable information so that an individual would consider visiting it a second time. The author of the website should also provide information on how to contact them. 


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