Free Pollution Effects and Global Warming Essay Sample

Global warming is one the climatic challenges that are facing the world. The world’s average temperature is ever rising, which poses significant threats to the survival of the eco-system. Fears have confirmed that almost 400 countries will experience exceedingly high levels of water shortages. Apparently, it is suggested that human action initiates the global warming. The transformation of the world is essentially linked to the activities that reveal our own ignorant nature. The temperatures today are much higher than two centuries ago. It is argued that the continuation of present tendency will worsen the condition, rising the temperatures much higher enough to influence the global weather patterns. The predicted effects call for measures to be put in place to make the world a better place for humans and other creatures. As such, organizations such as Greenpeace, USA and others have joined their efforts to deal with the global catastrophe.

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Why Global Warming Is a Moral Matter

The fight to reduce global warming is a moral matter because we have an obligation to guarantee a brighter future for the coming generations. The whole world does not agree with global warming, some believe the scientific evidences have been cooked and they are totally denying global warming. Making it a moral matter is intended to encourage a larger population fight against it; similar to what Greenpeace is doing. In addition, we should remember about moral aspect of the global warming mainly because the addressing this issue solely requires human initiatives. The increasing generality in stopping global warming further supports the issue to suit it as a moral matter.

Ethical Dilemmas Surrounding the Issue That the Local Community Must Deal With

The society is deeply engrossed in problems caused by global warming and dependency on fossil fuels. Notably, a variety of aquatic species and communities relying on the bays has been affected. Globally, people are facing water and air pollution resulting from coal combustion to produce energy. Coal burning plants subject toxic gases to the atmosphere and poisonous discharge that flow into oceans and seas disrupting the aquatic environment with profound filth. Research reveals that pollution from coal plants contributes to the death of approximately 24000 Americans, of which 2800 are cases due to lung cancer. The companies that generate these series of problems are at the same time accelerating the rate of global warming. Children are the most vulnerable to these problems and are most threatened by global warming. Greenpeace International asserts that the planet that has sustained humanity for thousands of years is at risk of fatal change due to our ignorance. Wildfires that affect the western states, overwhelming floods in the Midwest and outstanding long droughts in the southeast are some of the evidences initiating this change.

The above catastrophes can be addressed by shifting to renewable sources of energy namely wind, solar and geothermal. These sources are capable of sustaining the planet by providing energy to cater for our needs. Other solutions to counter global warming and environmental pollution include energy revolution and evolution, climate legislation and market solutions. Energy revolution and evolution solution is aimed at meeting the ever-increasing energy demand without using non-renewable sources. It involves efficient use of energy and speculation of renewable sources. Market solutions involve environmental organizations such as Greenpeace with businesses, consumer markets and governments should emphasize on environment conservation.

In conclusion, whether global warming is a moral issue or not, depends on the perception of an individual or a community. Fighting global warming requires a collective strength, which implies that the whole world should be mobilized to view it as a moral issue. The question whether to counter global warming or not needs to be addressed affirmatively because the basis of the matter is that it leads to the devastation of our planet.


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