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The past few decades has witnessed tremendous change and development in the transport industry of many nations around the globe. Most organizations have not only incorporated latest technologies in the services that they offer to clients but they have invested heavily in hospitality as well. On the same breath the rapid growth of the information communication and technologies sector which has turned the world into a digital village has helped to break the yoke of racial, political and economic discrimination.

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Qatar Airways in an airline that has changed the face of the airline industry. Since it was relaunched in 1997, the airline has been recording an annual growth of 30% and all this can be accredited to the excellent professionalism of the management team. In addition to that, the company has been ranked as a 5 Star Airline simply because of the excellent services it offers as well as the pricing.

The issue of terrorism and terror gangs is one that has caused discomfort and mistrust between the Arab world and the rest of the world; most none Arab nations were not willing to associate themselves with Arab nations because of the fear of being labeled "sympathizers of terrorism". For instance none Arabs were not willing to use Arab managed airways as a mode of transport and this threatened to cripple the sector. This is one internal as well as external ethical, political and economical factor that Qatar Airways had to overcome in quest to make an impact in this business.

The quick economic growth of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E), and the desire by many business people to invest in this oil rich nation is one factor that helped Qatar Airways increase its passenger base. The company has also initiated hundreds of social corporate projects around the world to help alleviate the lives of the less fortunate members of the society.


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