Free Social Software Essay Sample

Social software refers to a web service or an application which incorporates and allows people to communicate as well as to collaborate while using the service. Participation in social software is through formal or informal interactions which are aggregated in order to reflect the collective attitudes and knowledge of the participants.

Technologies most applied include blogs, discussion forums, feeds and syndicates, wikis as well as social bookmarks.

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The ultimate beneficiary of the social software is the economic sector. A key strength portrayed in the social software message is the ability to market its subjects across borders. This ensures that the popularity of products and services is created. To add on this strength, creation of employment has been realized due to social software. The innovativeness and operational effectiveness makes the system strong. The final strength shown is adaptability in that it consists of something for all sorts of people hence expanding it.

Out of the strengths of the application, the economic sector has been the most beneficiary because of the vast advertising of products associated with it. The social software technologies have created business value by driving changes in interpersonal interactions, improving operational efficiency and effectiveness, hence raising economic activities. Other benefits to the economy include brand marketing and community development.

On the part, the main weaknesses associated with our analysis are among time consuming as one has to spend time on the blogs. The other weakness is that it is costly in that one has to incur costs when accessing the sites. Finally, the application lacks the criteria of providing relevant information to the relevant people making it possible for everyone to access it.

The paper in general shows the significance of the social software on the economy. The application has really transformed economies of many countries positively.


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