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Eleanor Josaitis has this unlighted self interest in that she is determined to succeed despite all the odds, she even dares any one who feels that she could not succeed to tell her so as I quote from chapter six of the second paragraph “she has dared anyone on her staff, in her community, in the businesses with which she interacts, to tell her that she will not succeed in achieving her vision”.

Josaitis has her instrumental and terminal values as determination. Basing on her story despite receiving body harm threats from individuals she was able to turn the threats into humor by calling them “Love letters” and this does not   hinder her work.

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Pride, through her voice it is clear that Josaitis has some sense of pride in what ever she does, In the first chapter she poses this question to the students proving my point “Does anyone in this room think I'm going to be intimidated for one minute by this?" she asks. "It's only going to make me work harder." Hear determination to succeed and will powers among others are the ethical values that drive Josaitis towards achieving her goal.

She is also resilient as I quote from after the Hope offices were Fire Bombed in 1974 leading to 13 year old law suit that she later won againstthe American Automobile Association for employment discrimination: "You can deck the SOBs, or you can outclass them," she says. "I choose to outclass them."

Today’s business executives have a great ethical lesson to learn from Eleanor Josaitis. Ambition also plays a key role in Josaitis work. According to her sky is the limit and will address the new MBA class she was quoted to have said “Every single person in this room," she says, "is going to help me change the world."Despite being 72 she still has what it takes to run the University and still hopes to do more.

From a humble beginning with a group of her friend from a basement, Josaitis has built an emperor on a 40-acre parcel of land in the name of Detroit Campus. It has about 500 employees and over 50,000 donors and volunteers. She has also aided a number of people exceeding 3000 in gaining employment.

Courage is the secret behind success is echoed in the last line of this page as l quote “Because you won't change a damn thing by sitting in front of the TV with the clicker in your hand.

To me Eleanor Josaitis is a true example of the strength of a woman. That feminine soft part of the heart that made her convinced her friends to start up a program to support the needly.Together with Reverend William .T.Cunningham they were able to found Detroit civil-rights group Focus: HOPE.


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