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Free Unemployment Essay Sample

Article #1

Michael Winerip, the author of the article "Teacher, My Dad Lost His Job. Do We Have to Move?" presents unemployment and the problem of dismissal from family perspective. The author sympathizes with children of unemployed parents who are trying to make their ends meet. Children worry about their future. Being at elementary school children they already know that unemployment means new and unexpected problems, possibly moving to another place. Psychologically children also feel under pressure, because they are mature enough to understand such a problem as unemployment.

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I think that Winerip is trying to make a point that before firing someone, a person responsible for dismissal should take into account such factor as family status and number of family members of an employee. Over the last 5 years the number of disadvantaged children has grown from around 33 to 43 percent in Ohio public schools. Children of unemployed parents qualify for reduced-priced lunches at school. One of the biggest fears of such families is that one day they might become homeless and their children would go to foster care. The author is in favor of children in the first place and, of course, their families. Winerip concludes that even at small age children are able to understand such adult problems as unemployment and seriously worry about their family's destiny. Speaking about child's attentiveness and understanding of the adult world, the author concludes like this:

Eagle ears still hear almost everything, but thankfully, for the last several months, what they hear has not sounded so dire. "When Dad and Mom talked, they were getting calmer," Mathias said. "We're definitely higher than we were."

Winerip presents issue of unemployment from family and child's perspective. There is a need to make an analysis of how unemployment affects school, family, and community in general. Also, the author could have listed possible solutions and options of governmental allowances available to those who lost their jobs.

Article #2

The author of the article "A Real Drop in Unemployment", asserts that "drop in the unemployment rate from 9.4% in December to 9.0% in January" is not really a sing of positive changes on the job market. One of the reasons is that less people report about their search for job. Another reason is a decreased number of Hispanic immigrants due to increased enforcement applied to them. Unlike Winerip, the author of the article published in The Economist presents more statistical data and makes an attempt to analyze current situation related to a slight decrease of unemployment rate in the USA.

Statistical data presented by Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that there is inconsistency between "the household employment number and the payroll number". Thus, the author concludes with two explanations regarding this issue: firstly, in household survey people replied that they were working, while they were actually staying at home because of bad weather conditions; secondly, data presented is inaccurate, because to measure a great number of employed people of the country by two different methods is impossible. 

Statistical illusion is the term used by people on Wall Street meaning misinterpretation of statistical data related to unemployment drop. There is a need in discussion reasons of unemployment drop in the country. Also, statistical data concerning the number of the self-employed and farm workers is worth mentioning for a better understanding of the situation and its analysis.

Article #3

The last article which I have analyzed is "Bernanke dismisses inflation concerns, says unemployment turnaround will take years" by Neil Irwin. According to Ben S. Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman, "it will still take several years before the unemployment rate comes down to normal levels". He also reassured that economical problems in Egypt and Tunisia are not connected with the Fed's easy-money policies. Besides, economical crisis in other developing countries is not connected with US local currency, dollar. Every developing country has their own currency and their problems are more of domestic character related to arising markets. One of the major recommendations Bernanke has made is that "the federal government must stabilize its budget".

The author presents a summary of the press conference given by Bernanke at the National Press Club. The Chairman makes a point that the U.S. economy is rising, but the process itself is not so rapid and, therefore, unemployment issue will not be solved so quickly and easily. I think that Irwin has made a good report analyzing Bernanke's speech. There is much that can be added to his report.

Having analyzed three articles I have concluded that the authors have different approach and method of presenting information. Moreover, reporters presented issue of unemployment from different perspectives. Winerip's article presents the problem of unemployment from the perspective of family environment and its effects on children. The second article by an unknown author presented in the Economist gives a short statistical overview of the issue focusing attention on the recent drop in unemployment rate. Finally, the article by Irwin is a short analysis of the press conference on current economic situation and specifically problem of unemployment in the country given by Bernanke.


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