Free Academic Plagiarism Essay Sample

Introduction: Academic plagiarism has become disruptive of normal academic development in Universities and other tertiary institutions to a degree that is considered by educationists severe and troublesome enough to require an argent intervention. However, any efforts towards putting this prevalent academic dishonesty under will definitely abate if we fail to fully understand what causes it.

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Thesis Statement: Plagiarism is the academic vice caused by pressure to excel in academics, availability of ready material in the Internet and the negligence on the part of the teachers. Giving low-stakes tasks and having an academic integrity policy are better weapons in the fight against plagiarism.


I. Causes of plagiarism:

         a). Pressure on students to excel academically

         b). Availability of ready information in the Internet.

         c). Negligence and ignorance among teachers and tutors

Transition: There are several methods that can be used to detect plagiarism

         a). Checking the student past and known skills against those exhibited in the submitted paper

         b). Using plagiarism detection software

Transition: There are measures put in place by the US institution to punish perpetrators of plagiarism.

          a). Awarding a zero mark to plagiarized papers

          b). Expelling students found guilty of plagiarism.

II. Remedies to plagiarism

a). Emphasizing on low-stakes tasks to assess students

b). Developing and implementing an academic integrity policy


To conclude, pouring anachronistic scorn over academic plagiarism and its perpetrators can never yield any success in the fight against it; but dialogue can.


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