Free Aristotle's Nicomachean Essay Sample

Benefactors are those who give out money or any other form of assistance to other persons known as the beneficiaries. Aristotle compares the benefactors to the artisans. The two have a lot in common. The beneficiaries love the people they have assisted and want them to be successful in life. They are willing to do anything for them. However, the beneficiaries seldom appreciate this kind will. They always feel obligated to the beneficiaries and only care for their safety so that they can continue deriving benefits from their existence. The artisan on the other also faces the same problem. They put so much energy, love, and dedication to their work. However, this work does not appreciate the artisan’s effort if given a chance to live.

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The beneficiaries and the tools made by the artisan’s like poems do not see the effort of the people who will give anything for their well-being. The person doing something beneficial for the other will always feel close to the person or thing and will want only the best for them. The person benefiting from this person will never care or feel close to the benefactor as long as the benefactor continues living to continue providing. This is because human beings care only about themselves and want to be at the receiving end. They never care about the giver. This is the same case with the artisans. Despite the time, and effort that the artisan put to perfect a certain thing, the object he creates will never acknowledge his hard work. He will love and cherish it, but it will never reciprocate the feelings.

The benefactor sees his actions as a noble gesture. He will never forget the deed and holds it fondly to his heart. However, the recipient do not see this action as a noble deed , but sees it as an opportunity that needs to be grabbed and utilized. The recipient will never remember the act as a satisfactory thing that needs recognition. Instead, does not care about him and never appreciate the act. The same applies to the objects created by artisans. The artisans hold the objects they created dearly and rarely forget them. However, the objects made do not care about their creators and will never even realize that the person who created them cares about them and will never forget them.

The benefactors see their beneficiaries as the fruits of their hard work. Human beings love seeing things they worked hard to achieve. Through hard work, they learn to appreciate the fruits of their labor. However, the person who receives something they never worked for will never learn to see its value and will always take it lightly. The artisans also learn to appreciate their products as they have put in a lot of effort and energy for its production. The object, on the other hand, do not know the effort used, and that is the reason why it will never learn to appreciate its creator.

Those who do something will learn to love it because they worked hard to complete it and will ensure that it receives the best things. The recipients do not know how much energy the other person has put in for the sake of their happiness. If the two parties were to put in equal effort then, both will learn to love each other. Hover this cannot be the case, as the receivers will never want to be in the shoes of the giver. The objects of desire to the artisans can never learn to recognize him or her, as they will never be in the shoes of the artisan to know how he feels.


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