Free Business Ethics Essay Sample

Question 1: REESE Inc. had agreed to collaborate with the University of Michigan, which they conjured. They need to embrace promise-keeping, honesty, respect for each other, compassion and integrity as their set of ethics for higher benefit and lifelong loyalist with partners.

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Question 2: REESE, Inc. leaders have bleached the integrity in the process of interaction with other companies to boost its earning. In essence, it is merely unethical to involve another partner cunningly in the name of benefiting them but they end up being subjugated. The mode of operation where the company is using it sub-branch to market it secretly is also unethical. It seems they have no concerns of their partners only interested with gains.  To address these hiccups, the main theme must be business morals and enhancing emotional intelligence among the leaders.

Question 3: In a company that is run by an executive team, the decision approval is influenced by the democracy-majority win. Therefore, before addressing the CEO, president of CNS (considering she is not influential and has no experience in concrete industries) should have wooed the other executive member to support her idea then present it to CEO.

Question 4: Ethical dilemma is a conflict whose solution is based on individuals understanding but no morals can be termed right. The case involving REESE therefore cannot be term an ethical dilemma since the issue can be solved professionally by engaging the participants and being truthful being transparent in undertaking. Hence the moral can help arrive at a consolidate answer not achievable in ethical dilemma.

Question5: Most organizations are interested in gaining or benefiting massively in their undertaking. They therefore uses all means to achieve their goals including exploit others for fake benefits to solidify their intended relationship/partnership. Some leaders will operates under secrets, cunning and rigorous sacrifice to propel their organizations higher.

Question 6: REESE, Inc is using all probable affiliate in the negotiation process to win Mr. Jimmy Lee and Mr. Lepeng Wang hearts in buying their products. This they are intending to achieve through involving University of Michigan though they do not care the universities interest thus the philosophical approach to ethic they are using is that of Virtue based (acting that suits their interests without considering the affiliates concerns).


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