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The advertisement that was utilized for this stud was the 2006 “Dos Equis: The most interesting Campaign in the world?” The marketing strategy on this end was aimed at using a face that is common and familiar to the general public. The marketing team made the use of a renowned film star Jonathan Goldsmith (visit link in the reference section). The strategy was essential as it was evident that the majority of consumers of alcoholic beverages may be willing to purchase the brand being marketed. Also, the advertisement used demonstrates the existence of a variety of distinct codes throughout such including licensed withdrawal, the ritualization of subordination, the feminine touch, masculinity, and history, power and gender display. Through these, the marketing team involved was aimed at finding relevant means of ensuring that the appropriate target audience is reached effectively.

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Consistent Stories about Gender on the Ad Used

After critically assessing the advertisement by giving it a keen look, it is evident that the primary intention of the marketer was to provoke the theme of male dominance or in other worth masculinity. The main reason for this lies behind how the model used in the advertisement seems to be portraying a character and behavior of utmost dominance. By doing so, this assists in grabbing the attention of the audience. This is, however, achieved through the use of the various codes identified above.

Masculinity can be said to be the most predominant theme of the day in the advertisement. This has been achieved more so based on how the advertisement makes the use of a male personality who looks and generates the mood of an alpha male. This could also be attested based on how the advertisement seems to be having an opposed opinion to the theme of femininity and its culture in general. Although there are a few females who are present, it is evident that the man at the center is the one in charge which is a power move which makes him to being more confident which is essential to every male alcohol consumers as they would obviously to be willing to buy a product where they are more likely to be their best self and be in control.

Following the licensed withdrawal code, the woman has often portrayed the subjects of helplessness and vulnerability.  In the ad, the man is portrayed to be focused, whereas the women seem to be withdrawn. Although this might not be literal, it is obvious that the man in question is showcased as having his emotions in check, and in control of the overall situation at hand. It does not seem as if any of the women available are likely to run the operations in question are likely to match the level of dominance in as far as making critical decisions associated to either buying and controlling drinking endeavors as the man in question does.

The ritualization of subordination gender code was used where women in the advertisement were let to lack significant relevant but pose on the picture as if their only value is to provide aesthetic and glamour. The fact that the man is already identified as the dominant party in the ad, it is evident that the female participants are not only insubordination but also accepting and defenseless.

History, power and gender display were also incorporated. The fact that for years that alcohol consumption have often been linked with its consumption predominantly by men, it is logical to conclude that the marketer bore such know-how hence making it easy for him/her to introduce a figure that meets customer expectations for improved sales levels. This would mean that more male customers would be willing to associate themselves with the product from time to time. Also, the aspect of gender and power was aimed at showcasing that men are more powerful in comparison to their female counterparts. Such is the reason as to who the women in the advertisement are used as extras to represent the fact that their role is not primary role but a secondary one. With the alcoholic beverage, it is evident that the man is allowed to overpower the women, making them his subjects as he controls their happiness in as far as entertaining and buying ore is concerned.

The feminine touch is the last code that is prevalent in the advertisement used.  Here, the man is used as a relative subject whose primary role in this situation is to control the environment within which they accommodate. This means that they can merely dictate which direction the available activities available ought to take. Their main features in such a scenario are that they are manipulative, controlling, bold, assertive and powerful. On the other hand, the females used are showcased as being merely superficial, delicate, and cradling. Such being the case, it is apparent that the marketing team was aware of what most men prefer. This is an essential move in as far as market research is concerned. A significant number of alcohol consumers may choose to prefer such dominance. The illusion created by the assumption that the consumption of the alcoholic beverage in question may create such events may not prove to be necessarily true but plays an essential role in ensuring that more consumers buy the product increased level. When this happens to be the case, this allows the company n question to understand that their respective strategies bore significant results by enhancing the demand of the brand in question.


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