Free Ethical Issues and Relationships Essay Sample

Friendship can be such a deal breaker in business at times. Take for instance my very good friend Dennis. We have been friends for a very long time and have even worked for the same company for five years. Of late, he does not do any work and he constantly misses meetings which are very crucial for the company. However, I acknowledge that he is going through a very difficult phase in his life right now as he recently got divorced and this was a serious blow to him to the extent that it is now affecting his concentration.

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It is a good thing that no one else at the office knows about this. I empathize with him and have been his confidant in regards to this issue for the past few months. Unfortunately, he is embroiled in wallowing in his issue and it is becoming difficult for me to cover for him. I have tried talking to him and I have given him all the support he needs without much success.

Being a manager in my company, I am required to select an architect team for the company's new office complex. This is a very big step for company and everyone is waiting with baited breath for it.  Unfortunately, with Dennis on board, we will never be able to complete the project as he has been lagging us behind. This is a very difficult decision for me and I know it may affect our friendship but I am afraid I will have to drop Dennis and look for a replacement if we are to complete the project on time. My team also risks getting a negative appraisal if I keep him.

I intend to get professional help and once he is back to his normal self I will assist him in every way possible to get another job. I hope this does have a detrimental effect on our friendship.


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