Free Ethics and Moral Standings Essay Sample

Ethics and moral standings are required in every aspect of business. People can only close successful business deals if honesty and transparency are embraced. Even though such good traits are desired in business, many company directors often practice the opposite. Some companies have been caught practicing corruption and gender discrimination. These are examples of negative ethical behavior. Some companies discriminate against individuals on the basis of racial and political affiliations. Some high profile staffs have also been unmasked for practicing office sexual violence against their subordinates. Such statistics are saddening. Bad ethical traits make many people to fear for their spouses. Some company managers demand for sex in exchange for promotions and appointments. All these practices should be avoided if success is to be realized.

Research indicates that corruption and demoralizing government policies are quite eminent in developing countries. It should be noted that people are always aware of laws that govern ethics. This means that people always break the laws that they are fully aware of. Harsh penalties should be hammered on people convicted of wrong doings. Some workers even get organized for robberies with violence. Such robberies always occur as an inside job. Very many non- ethical activities are eminent in the work place. The court of law is also on the watch for any wrong doers. This paper will seek to illustrate ethical issues that are evident in five articles. The articles shall be highlighted in regard to the examples that have been given.

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Velasquez, Manuel. Globalization and the failure of ethics. Business Ethics Quarterly, Volume 10, Issue 1. 343-352

Businesses experience various challenges in an international environment. The author raises questions that would help firms sober up their stand on ethics in a worldwide environment. The flow of information delivered in this article is quite eloquent and easy to understand. Manuel Velasquez reveals that, some multinational companies have to deal with corrupt governments. According to the author, such governments have always experienced negative business principles. Some countries constantly insist on having huge percentage of shareholding in companies that are foreign based. This is impunity in its highest position.

The article resolutely gives categories of ethical risks in an international environment. It says, that some countries do not have the capacity to accommodate business technology like the internet. The employees in such firms are fond of misusing technology. The use of pornographic sites is quite prevalent in such companies. Some people also hack into the systems. Other people still work to rob banks and other business. Such unethical behavior has been noted by the author. Manuel Velasquez also reveals the network of employment tension that meets investors in an international environment. He says that some countries have always insisted on huge percentage of local based employees. Manuel Velasquez also reveals that some multinational companies have always frustrated people in their areas of investment. Companies in the oil sector are a good example in such frustrations

This article is quite informative of the ethical issues that exist in international environments. Such information is to warn firms to be wary of ethical dilemma in business. This article is very useful in research related to ethics in business. Courts of law always help to solve issues arising between firms. Some multinational companies insist on retaining huge percentage of profits for themselves.

Parker, M., Pearson, G.,. Capitalism and its Regulation: A Dialogue on Business and Ethics. Journal of Business Ethics 60 (1). 91 - 101.

The authors are senior scholars and research specialist in the area of business and organization ethics. Parker and Pearson give a detailed analysis of ethics in a capitalistic environment. They show how politics play a part towards the establishment of businesses.  Employees in capitalistic regimes show tendencies of reluctance towards work. They are never as hard working as their counterparts in communistic regions. Government regulations is always viewed as skewed towards benefiting the customers at the expense of the companies. Some countries actually put price limits, that should never be exceeded by companies. Such restrictions seem to be unacceptable at free market and work to discriminate businesses. Such treatment is actually un-ethical.

The concepts resented in this paper are so ripe of ethical situation in business. I nonetheless fell skeptical on the manner in which information is presented in this essay. The dialogue style is very difficult to follow. One would wonder when the speakers get serious with important issues. The report based essays are more academic and professional compared to dialogue inclined information.

Cran,A.,Matten,D. The role of the ethical theory. Understanding Business Ethics, 86-115.

The author works to depict his readers on diverse ethical issues in business. Crane and Matten aim at giving readers some business conflict resolution tricks. Tribalism, racial discrimination, low wage pay and gender discrimination are but some of the ethical issues that the author rises.  The author describes four divisions of ethics. These include feminism theory, virtue theory, discourse theory and postmodern theory. The author illustrates that women always feel some fear for investment. Men have greater drive to invest. Nonetheless, women always have better ethical behavior when in business. They never bribe or corrupt their ways. In regard to these theories, the author illustrates that discourse theory helps in solution to problems and disputes.

In this article, Crane and Matten depict diverse conflicts that are evident in business. Individuals and companies always fall out due to diverse issues. The author nonetheless insists that all conflicts can and should actually be solved amicably. Good company policies will aid in early conflict resolutions. Some of the theories that are highlighted include consequentiality theory and the non consequentiality theory. Ego and utilitarianism help to explain these theories. I have learnt that conflicts can sometimes arise between businesses and individuals. All conflicts should actually be solved in ways that create harmony to all aggrieved parties.

Howell, Robert. Choosing ethical theories and principles. International journal of transdisciplinary research, Vol. 5, No. 1,  1-28.

Howell is a cross discipline person. He is an expert in soil, water and business. He relates ethical dimensions in these three arenas. He insists, that people should practice good behavior at all costs. Howell is disappointed of people always destroying soil and polluting water bodies without any mercy. He relates this injustice to that which exist in business environment. Life is always consistent. If a person practices injustice in one area of their life, they are likely to do the same at all times.

This article further illustrates that corruption, racial discrimination is but some of the business wrongs that have been committed. He says, that wrong does always hope to gain from their offences. Money acquisition is always the drive of many offenders.

Shaw, B. S.The Nature of Morality. Moral Philosophy And Business, 13-18.

This article gives a sad story about the events that led to the fall of Enron Ltd. This company was once a giant firm in the USA accounting sector. It nonetheless fell and was declared bankrupt as a result of shoddy deals within the organization. Such an illustration gives evidence of unethical behavior in business. The CEO of the above firm had for a long time cheated people. The company accounts were deceitfully presented as profitable yet the company had always made loses.  Good morality should be enhanced in business. The author insists that each person should endeavor to practice good ethics. Honesty and transparency should be adhered to. Many investors have always lost their dear fortunes in the hands of immoral managers and company directors.

Shaw further illustrates how good ethics help companies to prevent law suits and court fines. The CEO of Enron Ltd would have evaded court fines had he practiced good morality in business. It is worth to learn that morality in business and organizations go a long way in enhancing profitability. The author has given evidence of moral and non moral standards in business. He says that moral values should actually go ahead of self interests. Companies have always suffered because of selfish ambitions of the directors. The Enron Ltd is such an example. Law courts are among the institutions that are charged with the responsibility of arbitrating conflicts. Shaw reveals that morality and etiquette go hand in hand. I agree with the author in his illustration that etiquette is the practice of good morals. This work is centered on ethics and good conduct in companies.

A lot of money has been lost due to the practices that are deemed to be non ethical. People’s marriages get into chaos because of sexual discriminations at offices. The government and all other stakeholders should come up with policies to streamline the business sector. This will help avert looming crisis that shall see stakeholders lose quite s lot of money.  It should be noted that team work is needed to stop activities that are harmful to any sector in the world. Even though a lot has been damaged in the ethics and morality domain of business, hope can be achieved. This will however demand for design and endowment of policies.  Such strict measures will help restore order in the business work force.  


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