Free Ethics Case Essay Sample

Sense’ or feeling that something is wrong

In real terms, ethics refers to a thought pattern that deals with issues of morality and these include good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice among others. Therefore, the issue of what is proper course of action for man is the gist of ethics and this is encapsulated in the answers to the question: ‘what should you do’. Through ethics we as humans are able to categorize our values as well as pursuing them. In this paper we shall evaluate an ethical case in which something is felt to be going wrong.

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In the case of Mr. Wilson, there is a sensitive issue which a course of action is immediately required before things go wrong for both Mr. Wilson and his imminent employer. While his pharmacist is aware of the consequences of his client going back to roofing job in his current state of health, the client does not see the need to disclose this information to his employer. The pharmacist is caught in a state of dilemma considering the confidentiality issues that guide his medical profession. On the other hand, he feels that the potential employer should be let to know the state of health of Mr. Wilson as this can save both the employer and Mr. Wilson in future. He also fears that doing this would hurt Mr. Wilson’s reputation.      Ethics is founded on proper standard of value and more so in this case, the pharmacist’s relation to both his client and the impact his course of action could affect him. His failure to take action will not only be unnecessary but also destructive should something happen to his client while on duty.

For this case therefore, the doctor being at the crossroad should decide the consequences of either keeping quiet or going ahead and disclosing the information to the employer. The question to ask is whatever actions he takes, which one has got worse consequences and which would produce some more objective results as ethics would require.  


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