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The Ethics Games Simulation is an excellent opportunity to learn the ethics in the business, which is very important and must have an adoptive procedures in the current Global liberalization scenario. Nowadays, consumers are aware of the rights by law and the competition in the business field. So without business ethics no company can survive in a long run.

We can define ethics a measure that how our own decisions affect other people. It is also the matter of one's duties and rights, the moral rules when applying in taking the decisions and the nature of relationship with the people. In the Games Ethics simulation model, I understand that the consumer's is the main resource for any business. If they suffered then the business will also be suffered a lot. If we supply a product that is contaminated or even not up to the mark the management has to enter the scene and analyze the situation, as well as taking remedial measures immediately before the consumer spell his dissatisfaction to the neighbors or friends. If we offered to lose an existing customer means we are ready to lose hundreds of future customers. So the decision should be customer centered and should not affect the customer in any way. There are four ethical questions in Business. The social level, the stakeholder concerns, the internal policy and personal level that is the relationships between the individual are the main issues in the ethics of the business. The first and foremost issue is Social level that is Social responsibility. If we don't mind the social responsibility in the business, it may give more profits in the short run, but we cannot survive on the long run. If we deny the basic rights of the customers, then we will lose the reputation soon. In the Game simulation, we decide on the defective or contaminated product, which can cause danger to the users. When it is realized the next immediate action should be informing the people about the dangerous effects of the product and offer the remedial measures that would satisfy the consumers, who gave us the business.

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The next concern is of the stakeholders, the stakeholders include the suppliers, shareholders and the leadership team. Unlike the mere management, the leader should take the responsibility and consult the situation with other team members before taking a decision. In the decision making process, leaders can consider interest as well as the stakeholders, the internal policy, the relationship issues among the team member and at the same time, last but not the least the Governmental regulations and the law relating to the issue. The profitability issue may be a major concern of the management in any business, but in the long run the reputation brings business to the company than the current profitability issue. Hence taking back the contaminated products may affect the immediate profitability and inventory. However, at the same time without consumer's satisfaction all other interests may hinder the business environment. The next major issue arises when we concentrate on the consumer interests and the Federal safety standards, the relationship issue, that is who should take the blame and who is more responsible for the mess and what remedies to be taken even though who has to act to rectify the problem without hurt the team members. The relationship between the team members is an important actor to build a confident, enthusiastic team that can achieve the desired results. Here we discuss about how people should treat each other within an organization. Can we be honest with each other, whatever is the consequences? What obligations do we have-both as human beings and as workers, who feel the specific job roles? Behind them lie two broader issues: Do we have the right to look at the other people primarily as means to our ends? Can we avoid doing so? Finding the answer of all these questions give us a clear picture on the relationship issues.

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Hence what are the tools of ethics? Here are some the values, the rights and duties, moral rules and human relationships. In the simulation, we try to give importance and emphasize the customer satisfaction rather than other tools of ethics. Because in a problematic situation we should leave some values behind and give more importance to the core issue. Our personal interests should not hinder the business environment and the development of the business. Hear more importantly when the problem arises, and in a dilemma, we need the help of the ethical coach's directives, and we went through it.

Moral rules lead us through situations, where competing interests collide. You might think of moral rules as tie-breakers - guidelines that can resolve disagreements. Moral rules are the rules for behavior becomes values. Critics say that we live in the time of "the ethic crisis." Unfair trade practices lead the renewed concern about the role of ethics in business. When the consumers aware of the wrong guidance and if anything goes against the FDA regulations, we have to face the legal issues that may cost the company's long term interests. At any point company's interests are most important than the personal interests. In the same way, the consumer interests are the only way to maintain the company interests. To claim the said benefits from a product or service is the consumers basic right. If there are any violations on that he may go to the court of law. That will damage the company's image anyway. The negative advertisement of word of mouth of the dissatisfied customers will cost more on the company's interests.

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Hence my decisions on the issue in the simulation may seem to be against the relationships between the team members as well as the company interest in the first instance. Even so, as an organization, which wants to grow can never avoid the interests of the consumers. Here I have worked in an automobile company sales division. All things went until an influenced accounts manager which interprets the accounts and set limitations on spending money towards retaining the customers even with some initial losses. Due to his restrictions, we could not satisfy the customers in full. Then slowly we lose the existing customers, and they spread negative information on the service at the same time the competition struck a lot. As a result the 60 year old company closed down.

Customer issues are most important than any other issues for a company. We can rebuild personal relationships, company profit again if lost. However, at the same time if we lost the reputation and customers it will be a disaster to the company's overall interests. The consequences spoil all other factors if we lost customer's trust.