Free Ethics in Health Care Essay Sample

This essay focuses on the ethics as applied in health care. It examines the issue of honesty regarding advertisements made by medical facilities and the effort that the medical fraternity is making towards adhering to the Hippocratic Oath. According to this essay, doctors and other professionals in the medical field should not sacrifice the value for human life for any material gains. It further proposes that stiffer legislations have to be passed that would see an immediate deregistration of medical practitioners who disregards the value of human health or behave contrary to the provisions of their oath of service as it happens in the case of Harbor Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Home. 

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Ethics in Health Care

The ethical premise that regard the practice of healthcare is quite complex because health care as an institution is considered a special institution. This is why it should be looked at differently from other social guidelines for moral standards. Essentially, the healthcare encompasses all members of the society whether they like it or not. This is simply because of the fact that at one moment or the other decisions will have to be made regarding the health status of every individual. (Morrison and Monagle, 2009)

It is an ethical requirement that every medical personnel must uphold the principle of autonomy. This is often defined as the social capacity to make rational as well as informed decisions as regards the execution of health policies. In respect of the case of “Harbor Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Home”, this principle was not respected in giving false information in their advertisement. Further, the decision to employ physicians to work for 60 hours a week would obviously compromise the quality of healthcare that the patients are able to get. Indeed, it’s a general concession that the policy maker in this case did not for a moment put themselves in the shoes which is the essence of rational reasoning.

Medical personnel are supposed to uphold at all times the principle of beneficence. This generally stresses the commitment that they have towards their professional guidelines like the Hippocratic Oath. In regards to the case of “Harbor Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Home”, the physical therapist, Chuck, did not behave in line with the provisions of the Hippocratic Oath that requires that patients are put first before any financial gains or personal comfort. Indeed, it would be more appropriate if he had absolved himself of the blame for the mess by giving the institution prior notice. However, the fact that he leaves quite suddenly to the obvious ambush of the institution was incorrect in line with their ethical guidelines. 

The ethical question of withdrawal of feeding and hydration is quite complex. However, the fact that Libby has been in a vegetative state for 14 years provides some professional relief for the administration to offer good advice for the family. Legal concerns propose that withdrawal of her feeding and hydrations is an option so long as it is in compliance with the principle of autonomy. Libby is certainly not in a position to communicate her wishes as concerns her health and it appears her family must make the tough decisions. Realistically, it’s quite agonizing to watch a loved one languish in such unbearable condition without much hope of recovery. It would therefore be appropriate to advice the family to seriously pursue the legal suit so they can be allowed to withdraw her feeding. 

This will not only save them the financial constrains that they will obviously suffer when the insurance expires, but will also be in line with legal and ethical guidelines regarding Persistent Vegetative States (PVS) of 1972. After all, it’s quite certain that had she the capacity to think and communicate Libby would not like to live such kind of life and those fuelling the family feud must be made to understand this. This can be solved without the need for government intervention as clearly the issue at hand is not finances but the realistic chance of recovery that hasn’t been possible for the last 14 years. It may not certainly be possible even the government’s intervention. Certainly, that’s the best the facility and by extension the family can do. 

Meanwhile, the administration must seriously tackle the issue of inadequate medical staff. The most prudent action that must be immediately pursued is to negotiate with Dr. Chuck to continue working for a few more weeks as they seek more employees. However, if he remains adamant the administration may have to allocate an alternative physical therapy by referring some patients to another hospital to ease off the load as they sort themselves out. This will solve the problem of potential clients putting off their surgical needs, at least in the short term. It’s quite understandable that any patient in dire need of medical attention needs reassurance more than anything. In this respect, the administration can as well consider employing additional surgeons on a temporary basis to inject some customer confidence in their facility. 


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