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The principle of utility affirms that any action “is deemed right if it yields as much or more happiness to all affected by it than any alternative action, otherwise it is wrong”. The actions of an individual are judged as wrong or right depending on the consequences they incur. In other words, right actions are deemed to be those with best consequences otherwise nothing else matters. When faced with a choice of action, one should consider the likely consequences and “choose to do what he or she believes will generate the greatest pleasure”. If adherence to a given course of action generates more happiness than otherwise, then that action should always be taken at all times. That is, the main aim is “to attain the maximum good for a huge number of people”. The consequence of an action is judged by the amount of happiness or unhappiness it brings to the people. Hence, a right action is one that produces the greatest happiness over unhappiness.

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I would encourage you to donate the 500 dollars to the International Committee of Red Cross agency. This is an impartial and independent organization whose concern is to address humanitarian crisis in the world. The world is in dire need of help as many people are suffering from various catastrophes such as earthquakes and tsunami. For example, during the recent earthquake that hit Japan, the Red Cross offered immense support and saved many lives from the ruins of the quake. If these problems were not addressed, Japan would have incurred immense losses. The International Committee of Red Cross works with over 97 million volunteers worldwide. It was established with an objective of protecting human life as well as health. They also assist in alleviating human suffering without discrimination on the basis of gender, race, nationality, political opinions, or religious affiliations. The authorized mission of ICRC is to protect life and dignity of victims of international as well as local conflicts. The consequences of donating money in ICRC will automatically yield more happiness than otherwise.

Donating 500 dollars to ICRC will go a long way in helping many people and thus bring the greatest happiness. The ICRC volunteers, staffs, members as well as the suffering victims will benefit greatly from these donations. The happiness that will be brought by supporting such a course include organization nursing and care for the victims of conflicts or natural calamities, organizing care and protection for the civil population, and treatment of victims wounded in conflicts or natural calamities. Every dollar you donate will go into meeting the needs of the many people who are victims of conflict as well as natural catastrophes. The probability that more good will be accomplished is almost a hundred percent since many volunteers will be able to reach out to the needy community.

Some charity organizations are just out to siphon money from people and spend very little on the charitable activities. An example is Small Enterprise Foundation which claims to be a microfinance geared towards economic empowerment. Donating in such an organization is very risky. This is because one is not sure whether the money will be spent on charitable event. You may end up donating your dollars to criminal minds that will go any length to steal - even if it means the funds for people who desperately need it. The evidence of effectiveness in such an organization is limited. Another shaky charity organization is ‘Against Malaria Foundation’ which many criminals have used to usurp money from people.  Other unreliable charity organizations include Village Reach which claims to be concerned with global health. Many criminals have used this site to usurp money from openhanded citizens.

The augmented foodstuff need in most regions of the world, particularly in sub-Saharan countries, calls for a lot of aid from ICRC. If you donate money to ICRC, it will help in supplying food to the dying parts of world and help save the dying communities. In times of conflict and community violence, many victims often need health care services. Money donated to ICRC will help in providing health services such as blood donation. Our world today suffers from health related problems just because help agencies lack the necessary funds to reach out to the suffering population. Problems such as lack of blood for transfusion can easily be alleviated if only ICRC would receive financial aid from many well-wishers who are equally concerned with human life. Right actions are those that yield the best consequences as can be seen in the case of ICRC.

The number of people who shall gain by your support justifies the need for investing in ICRC. Ethics of utility says that actions are justifiable if they are capable of producing a favorable balance of pleasure over unhappiness.  I am interested in peace and human rights which are the core objectives of ICRC. It’s indeed clear that your money will be put to a good cause. ICRC is a good organization. Most of their financial expenses go towards helping the needy people. Less will be spent on overhead costs. There is a guarantee that your money will indeed make a great impact in changing the course of many lives . Other charity organizations may need advertising costs and overhead costs which sometimes consume a lot of funds as compared to what is being spent on charity. This is not the case with ICRC since they are already known. ICRC has stable grass root following.

The ICRC suffers from decreased donations and your money will surely be appreciated in serving the needy community. There is nothing as gratifying as helping to strengthen the lives of fellow human beings. It is very obvious that more happiness will be achieved upon donating money to ICRC. Thus according to utility theory, the action is deemed right. 


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