Free Future Correctional Issues Essay Sample

The segregation of the HIV positive inmates is not ethical at all. In the society, ethics play the role of ensuring that apiece and every individual is well protected and awarded all the rights and obligations that are universally accepted as ethical. Patients suffering from HIV and AIDS are part of the society. They should therefore be treated with due respect and care that they disserve as community members and more so as people suffering from an infectious disease. They should therefore not be segregated from other members of the society. Moreover, since they are inmates, and there is every possibility that having them with other inmates of particular risk, it is better for him or them to be segregated. This is ethical since it is aimed at protecting the lives and rights of other people in the society .

Segregation is an activity that should be eradicated in the society. This is another form of discrimination, and especially for the people who are living with HIV and AIDS. It is therefore very wrong to segregate individuals mainly on the field of health.

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Question two: are conjugal and familial visitations effective rehabilitation measures?

Conjugal and familial visitations are effective rehabilitative concepts in the rehabilitation of human beings. This is because of the verity that these are individual rights which should always be at disposal to his or her life. Psychologically, the patient will be able to unwind and come to normal conditions if he is allowed to enjoy the familial and conjugal rights. Moreover, the family is of great help in the guidance and counseling of the individual.  On the other hand, if the visitation by the family and the enjoyment of the conjugal rights is of harm to the patient, it is better for them to be abandoned for the sake of the patient. This will be another perspective of rehabilitating the individual.

The family is one of the organs in the society that should be protected at all costs. It is actually the pillar of the society in terms of morals, ways of living and use of technology in every human endeavor. Deciding to block an individual from accessing the family is like betraying the entire society.

Question three: should serial killers and violent sexual offenders be quarantined?

I support the notion that the serial killers and violent sexual killers be quarantined. These people are actually of immense danger to all the members of the society. They can either take life or harm someone at any time.

When these people are quarantined, first and foremost, it will serve as a good mode of discipline to them. This is a punishment that will enable them to realize and understand the disadvantages of participating in these acts of inhumanity. Secondly, this will give a chance for them to be rehabilitated from these acts of violence. They will be made to realize that these are vices that are never encouraged in the society. Moreover, they will get to learn other activities that will be helpful in handling life after being released from quarantine.


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