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This paper looks into the debate of self-love. Men are today focused on the issue of love towards themselves, or to other men. In this context, this discussion will revolve around the issue of “self-love”. The aspect of self-love is contradicting. That is there are two aspects of self-love. The self-love, which is the kind that centers ones interest on one self, and the other self-love which is centered on taking care of the interests of another person. This paper will critically discuss the essence behind these two distinct views of self-love. What factor differentiates the two opinions of self-love?

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The self-lover who centers all interest to himself is considered normal. This character pulls all good effects towards himself at all times. These are referred to as “lover of self”. This category of people differs from the other by the fact that their interests are on gaining honor, and all other material gains. Again there is the good self-love which not self-centered. In this case, the person has interest to do good to another man, and he is also referred to as a lover of self. Unlike the other lover of self, this man does all he can to benefit another man. This is also a lover of self because the person intends to do to another as it would have happened to him. In this regard, the discussion will highlight the points which justify both “lovers of self”.

The discussion will be on the facts that justify the two types of self-lovers. I will begin the discussion with the good lover of self who put his interest to the benefit of another man. This will be followed by the bad lover of self who selfish. With strong evidence, the discussion will differentiate the good lover of self from the bad lover of self. In conclusion, the essay will prove that self-lovers can be both evil and good. That is the good man who does things for honor, and the bad man draws all things for his own sake are both lover of self.


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