Free Professional Ethics in Social Work Essay Sample

Ethics are values relating to human behavior. Professional ethics in social work have brought about numerous debates about the approach to profession and code of conduct. Moral rules and ethical codes in work places emerge to dictate people’s behaviors. These environments have individuals from different cultures and with different beliefs. In professional work places, a strict observation of code of ethics is encouraged but also, some external codes of ethics like religious or cultural are accepted. Morals that are generally judged as good by the immediate social group are also encouraged.

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Humans have diverse cultures and religions. These cultures and religions have a mutual belief in a higher power, which is God. Naturally, our behavior, moral duties and obligations are ruled by God. By obeying God, we behave morally. Humans have the responsibility of making ethical decisions in communal work practice. The moral worth of a deed may be judged by the outcome that follows.

Deontological moral codes are aimed at adherence to self control and responsibility to moral policies or duties. To differentiate between good or bad moral values, an understanding of our moral duties is imperative. The rules that are put in place to control our duties guide us to appropriate moral behaviors. On the other hand, we behave immorally when we ignore to practice the set rules and moral duties. When we fail to follow our duty, we are behaving immorally.

Human moral conduct incorporates good values that come with deeds and responsibilities in social practices. Professionals are always guided by codes of ethics in their respective work places although they eventually practice moral according to both, the code of ethics, and their natural beliefs. Making positive judgments in cases where other people are concerned is vital for social coexistence. Professional ethics in social work are guided by codes of ethics and are set in a manner to suit all social classes and be judged as good ethical practices. 


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