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I recently came across an academic problem that required me to use my critical thinking skills to solve it. The survey problem was as follows: a group of students were asked whether they play football, volleyball or both. 421 respondents answered that they played football, 285 played volleyball and, 132 were engaged in both games.

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I was supposed to find the percentage of students who play at least one of the games, i.e. football alone, volleyball alone, as well as those who play both football and volleyball. In solving this problem; I had to analyze it to find the specifics of solution. I formulated a number of questions to guide me through it as well as gathered relevant formulas and information that might be useful. I then arranged the information systematically and came up with the summaries that could point to the specific answers that will be helpful in my finding.

Effective use of the information, I had derived from the questions, enabled me to break the problem into pieces of data that I could easily manage. I used the brainstorming technique and also thought laterally in considering the options I got from the data and analyzed the alternatives by forming equations to see whether they yield solutions or not. After coming up with the alternatives of solving the problem, I identified steps, i.e. the method, that could help me achieve my objective.

I was able to make a decision since I had already formulated alternative equations that could solve the problem. I then considered the additional information I will need to execute my method as well as the equipment such as a calculator. Using my method and the necessary formulas, I solved the problem and clearly showed the steps in the method for easy follow-up and reviewing. 


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