Free Virtue Ethics Essay Sample

Virtues are character traits or habits. Virtue Ethics refers to the virtues which fit into our society and are cultivated by our culture. If the culture is corporate culture it has its own specific virtue ethics.Leaders are responsible for the smooth functioning of the corporate culture in the business environment. This is because they are responsible for the decision making and this should be based upon the ethics of the corporate culture. If they act inappropriate it gives a wrong image to everyone.The system of corporations helps people to indulge in business activities because they know that they have limited liability and if the business fails they are only going to lose the amount they have invested and not all their assets.This is justified because the economic model of CSR states that the business earning the profit gives the incentive to others to enter the market.The consequentialist approach aims to create a better work place for all. On the other hand the deontological approach is treating the employees nicely because it is considered the right thing to do.

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Due process gives right to the employers to exercise their authority over the employees and the ethics guide that they should use this authority in a justly manner.The technology has brought increasing accessibility to the work place an there is also a problem of facelessness. The computer ethics is another issue which is creating problems.

Monitoring the technology allows the firm not only to manage its resources but the possible resources of its client and to ensure safe running.There are some ethical issues which come up due to inappropriate advertising. The manipulation of the customers and wrong information come out mostly.


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