Free Asian Mental Health Cultural Influence Essay Sample

Description of the situation

The situation in this particular case involves a student of Asian background encountering mental disorder accompanied by depression. Her situation is very noticeable since it has even extended to affecting her academic performance. The student seems to be aware of impact that this health issue has on her academic performance but decides to keep quiet about it. A closer observation of the student's case reveals that there is more to her conservative behavior. It occurs that culture plays a very significant role in her behavior. The fact that there is Asian culture involvement, it becomes tricky in the decision making on coming up with a viable means of helping the student recover from mental disorder.

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Cultural influence in mental disorders within Asian community

As earlier mentioned, culture plays a considerably significant role in health beliefs adopted by Asian community as a whole. There are a number of important factors considered as relevant in diagnosing and finally coming up with treatment of the disorder. Moreover, it occurs that these factors are among the aspects affecting student's resistance to seeking necessary health from the relevant parties in the health department. These aspects include the fact that Asian families do not regard mental disorder as a normal occurrence in an individual.

When one in a family suffers such illness, it is considered a family issue whereby the entire family is affected negatively. In this case a family decides to handle the issue quietly without much disclosure to non family members who would consider the affected family as one befallen by evil spirits.

This student seems to be equally aware of traditional principles firmly held about mental disorders whereby in addition to it being associated with evil spirits, emotional disharmony is also considered as a major causative factor. Therefore, in order to bring about mental wellness, it becomes very necessary that physiological as well as psychological aspects are brought into great consideration. To a number of Asians particularly those of an elderly age category, mental disorder has some connection with an individual's or a family past behavior. In most cases, those affected must have committed 'serious' transgressions for them to be punished in such harsh manner. This particular way of reasoning is cultivated from the belief whereby present life is considered a continuation of early life as well as a determinant of future life.

Relationship between student academic performance and mental health problems

As much as this student's illness has been influenced by Asian way of life, academic performance also has a considerable contribution to the extremity of disorder. This is because as the student struggles to meet cultural expectations whereby biracial interrelation is prohibited in the community, it is also expected that exceptional academic performance is achieved. Young people within the community are trusted with the task of carrying forth the success mantle of the entire family. In this regard, failure for a young adult is considered a shameful occurrence in the entire family.

Therefore, this student is considered to be studying at a very high pressure which could be negatively affecting her performance rather than improving. These parents who expect much achievement from the student rarely take time to encourage the student or even discuss the progress. It is assumed that once one is made aware of laid down expectations, the rest is left for the individual to formulate best means possible to succeed.

Parents also tend to believe that when these young adults are encouraged as well as praised for their achievement's they may end up becoming quite lazy hence affecting their future performance. With much pressure accorded the student, it becomes considerably difficult to achieve concentration required for the proper performance in academics.

Recommendations and Treatment

An extensive research has been undertaken in order to come up with a manner in which to deal with mental disorder treatment within Asian community. Some of the viable research results give recommendation for health professional to pose some predetermined questions to patients' family as well as the patient.This is in turn expected to result in collection of a number of views associated with main cause of the situation at hand. More so, health professionals  dealing with the patient are in a better position to get information regarding the manner in which similar cases have been tackled in the past hence bring about mental wellness.

Due to sensitivity of the matter to entire Asian family, the health provider is expected to give the family total assurance that as they provide necessary information no misjudgment will be undertaken and availed data will only be applied in actual treatment process of affected member's healing process.


Considering that Asians are very much rooted in their beliefs as it relates to mental disorder as well as its treatment, there is not much diversion that can be applied during this student's recovery process. However, it would be much considerate to ensure that an extensive assessment is undertaken, whereby all the cultural, physiological as well as academic principles are integrated. Among these principles is ensuring that the health practitioner becomes well informed on beliefs and demography of a patient at hand in relation to mental disorder. It is from this derived information that the practitioner should formulate an explanatory as well as a treatment model to necessitate mental disorder recovery process. Ensuring involvement of family support tends to increase adherence expected during treatment hence reducing barriers.

In this particular situation, the teacher decides to consult with the student but considering that the teacher is an outsider, it would be better if the student is refereed to one of her family members for assistance. The student's relative would be in a better position to understand the issue at hand and apply the necessary steps in ensuring that mental wellness is regained. A viable recommendation is that teachers be educated on the implementation of cultural consideration while dealing with students particularly those with Asian background.


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