Free Asthma and Air Pollutants Essay Sample

The immense air pollution in upper east Manhattan has considerably increased the cases of asthmatic attack in children. The impacts of asthma on children are more severe, due to their smaller airways, compared to adults. Thousands of children, who live in upper east Manhattan, suffer from asthma. They often miss classes at school as they seek for medical care due the complications, arising from their health condition. Moreover, due to the changing weather during the year, children with asthma have to alter their school programs as they need close monitoring by their parents and doctors. Furthermore, parents of asthmatic children must consider the location of school with respect to the availability of medical care for the child. The first priority should be given to the child’s health welfare; however it may be not taken into consideration by the academic standards of the school. Thus, the child may not receive the best academic foundation, which will affect his or her future studies. In addition, due to the frequent absenteeism form school, asthmatic children have to do more additional work. Without the proper counseling, they may not feel full-fledged compared to their friends.

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Since asthmatic children must avoid various triggering agents, their indulgence in numerous activities is restricted. For example, girls generally love flowers. However, a girl suffering asthma needs to avoid flowers due to the pollens that trigger it. Actually, during spring the child suffering asthma may remain confined indoors for most of the time. In addition, despite the fact that most children love pets, the asthmatics might be prevented from keeping one, because there is a close relation between pets, wheezing and bronchial hyper responsiveness of individuals suffering asthma.

Sometimes, asthma symptoms interfere with doing sports. Although a child loves a particular sport, he or she may have to abandon any participation until the symptoms are under control. Even when participating in sports, they have to take the stipulated precautions such as stretching before and after exercising and breath through the nose to ensure the warming and humidifying of the air in their airways before any activity. In addition, the child has to ensure that he or she has taken the proper medication before any sporting activity to avoid instances of asthmatic attacks, which may be fatal. Furthermore, the child should carry the medications in case of any asthmatic attack.

Despite all the precautions concerning children suffering asthma, they must also exercise to avoid overweight that can worsen the illness. Thus, the child has to work within a restrictive scope, unlike other healthy children. Moreover, asthma may affect children psychologically as they often have to use inhalers, being in the company of their friends or classmates. In addition, since a child may not fully comprehend his or her health condition, asphyxiation may be considerably terrifying to the child. The child may become psychologically confused and isolated. Other children may alienate the asthmatic child, not understanding his or her heath problem. Asthmatic attacks in public cause embarrassment and stress, which further worsen the progress of the illness.

 The various asthma treatments, such as corticosteroids, induce a slowed physical growth and development of a child. Moreover, other treatments, such as albuterol, make children more irritable and nervous. It is considerably adverse to the young children, who may be unable to express their feelings.

Although asthma is a controllable condition, its various effects on children prevent them from leading a normal life. It affects their school life, growth, relationship with other children and self-esteem. Thus, even if the children learn to handle this condition, it will still leave a feeling of resentment and influence on some aspects of their life.


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