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Currently across the globe, children of all ages are prone to disorders of all sorts. As such, ADHD is a popular disorder of the behavior, and medical experts deduct that between 8% and 10% of school going children are victims of the mentioned disorder. Notably, boys stand a high chance of contracting the disorder while compared to girls, although reasons are not yet known. Children suffering from ADHD exhibit a confusing tendency and are hyperactive. Although they are likely to comprehend the way they should behave, they have a problem making a follow up, because their attention is inconsistent. Although such tendencies are common among kids, ADHD signs seem to stay longer, and they appear in diverse settings. Also\, known as, hyperkinetic disorder, ADHD shows other difficulties among victims apart from the aforementioned, which include temper tantrums, clumsiness, and sleep disorders among others may be signs of ADHD. In its context, a wide range of factors such as environmental and biological factors causes ADHD. Environmental factors include stress within the family, and academic difficulties among others. The biological factors are evident through the child’s temper, considering it determines the personality, and attitude. Genetically, individuals can inherit the disorder from relatives, particularly males. On the other hand, identical twins show a genetic link, in the sense that, if one has, so is the other. Moreover, another biological factor that may cause ADHD is a failure of enough oxygen to reach brain parts during the childbirth. In order to diagnose that a certain child has ADHD, different professionals such as health visitors, teachers, speech therapists, and psychologists should bring their observations on the table. In other words, no single test can be conducted to show whether a child has ADHD or not. In most cases, medical experts rely on past psychiatric cases, medical history, and symptoms history among other details.


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