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Health Organization Case Study: Banner Healthcare

Banner healthcare is a non-profit system of healthcare in America, mainly found in Phoenix, Arizona. The organization operates 23 hospitals along with other specialized facilities. It happens to employ 35,000 workers and, thus, is ranked among the largest Arizona employers. Banner healthcare offers hospital care, emergency care, home care/long-term care, labs, hospice, pharmacies, outpatient surgery, rehab services and has in the recent past began the operation of primary care physician clinics like the Banner Medical Group and Banner Arizona Medical Clinic. It was initially founded on a merger of Lutheran Health Systems and Samaritan Health System.

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The Evaluation of Workforce Management Program

Banner healthcare prides in the collaborative atmosphere that it offers for its employees together with a dedicated organ of co-workers. It has facilities across the West, and the organization believes that there is an offer for everyone. Banner’s availability to the urbanites and those in the small town centers makes it possible for its services to reach wider area coverage. The healthcare organization is very stable along with the success and values that employees are always proud to stand for. There is a wide variety of the employment alternatives to match individual compensation, lifestyle, and career needs. This encourages mobility and a great chance for career progression.  The organization employs both fresh job seekers and seasoned healthcare practitioners.

Banner healthcare is committed to making a difference in the lives of the employees and their career at large. The main purpose of such a commitment is to make the employees transfer the same on the lives of other people and especially in their care for the patients that they work with. It could be seen as a huge promoter of healthcare service quality, which is important in the Banner marketing efforts. The employee is thus expected to show the commitment to the mission of banner healthcare (Banner Healthcare). This mission is realized both at the bedside care and in the process of sustaining the role of care delivery in support services. Through the behaviors and actions of the employee towards the patients, their family members, the team and colleagues every day, the values of Banner healthcare should be represented.

Advertising Campaign

Basically, banner healthcare system carries out internal marketing. The health care organization invests a lot in its employees. This has had a very significant impact on the quality of services that the organization offers through the employees. Investing towards the welfare of the employees boosts their work effort. Through this, Banner healthcare has been able to deliver high quality value of healthcare. The most important to note is the way the Banner healthcare values its employees. This has been a useful effort in attracting and retaining patients. The healthcare organization has also been able to get referrals. All this is attributed to the commitment and loyalty of employees to the Banner healthcare system. Banner healthcare has a very strong and useful rewarding system that supports their marketing endeavors in attracting many more people to their healthcare facilities.

Future Healthcare Service Recommendations

With the growth of the healthcare industry, it is important for Banner healthcare system to maintain its position in the market by improving on its mode of service delivery to meet the dynamic needs of the society. Banner healthcare system can work out a plan that values the patients and the society in which they operate at large. The people in the areas where Banner healthcare operates should have a feeling of the contribution that the system has to them. Banner healthcare system is thus faced with a challenge of its competitors in the future. For banner to be ready to address the health care needs of citizens in the next decade, strategic planning is important. The process should include a strategic plan that addresses the issues pertaining to the anticipated network growth, nurse staffing, resource management, and patient satisfaction.

Strategic Plan

The arrival of the globalization era and stiff competition concern of organizations in marketing their operations has shifted to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). CSR has been defined as a concept where organizations make voluntary choices to protect and respect the interest of a wide range of stakeholders and to enhance cleaner work environment and a better community through the active involvement with everyone. In this effort, employees will find it welcoming to work in Banner Healthcare system and ultimately promote nurse staffing to cater for the increasing health network. CRS is a charitable commitment taken up by organizations to manage the role that they play in the community in a way that is responsible. This will be important in meeting the needs of the patient. It will also build faith in the patients that Banner healthcare system is not merely interested in their money. If such an effort is added on to the existing work policies, Banner healthcare will be in a good position in the market in healthcare service delivery.

Banner healthcare system has a good history and has established a good system addressing the needs of both the employees and the patients. However, this may not be sufficient to counteract the dynamism in our social systems. Good healthcare management is the main key to the success of any organization in this industry. The image of the organization matters a lot in the attraction of patients for healthcare services. While meeting the needs of the employees is important, being socially responsible would take Banner go far. 


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