Free Bingeing Essay Sample

The title of the article is 'How Bingeing Became a New College Sport'. Barrett Seaman is the author of the article and it was published by Time Inc on 8/29/2005. From this title one would expect the story to be about the development of bingeing as a popular sport among college students.

The Author's Point of View on Bingeing

This article is talking about bingeing as a reckless drinking activity among young colleges students. The author of this article believes that the laws put in place to control abuse of alcohol by young adults are not effective. According to him, it is the punitive laws on alcohol consumption that have led to its continuous abuse by young people, especially in colleges.

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Personal Experience in Bingeing

Bingeing is a common phenomenon among university and college students. I had the same experience while doing my undergraduate program at the university. I took advantage of the college freedom to venture into bingeing, especially at the beginning of the semesters when I had a lot of money. This activity often had serious consequences on me. For example, I almost became a drug addict and in most cases I ended up going against the stipulated college rules due to drug influence. In addition to these, I often experienced health complications related to overconsumption of alcohol. For example, I developed stomach ulcers because of taking a lot of alcohol.

Summary of the Article

This article mainly highlights the abuse of alcohol among young college students who have not attained the mandatory minimum age of taking alcohol. The author noted with a lot of concern that young students are indulging in alcohol abuse. This has caused several challenges to them especially health complications. The effort by the U.S government to curb alcohol abuse through setting twenty one years as the minimum age for drinking has been counter productive. This is because the consumption of alcohol by students has now seriously advanced compared to the previous decades. Even the college deans do not seem to support the modalities used by the government to curb alcohol abuse.

The banning of drink driving has been a successful move because it has helped in saving lives. The problem alcohol abuse can be solved by introducing effective policies that can properly regulate alcohol consumption among young people. For example, the government should lower the minimum age for the consumption of alcohol. People should also be allowed to make a choice for themselves. This is because freedom would make the students more responsible hence they would not illegally over consume alcohol in the hostels.


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