Free Breast Cancer Awareness Essay Sample

They say that “prevention is better than cure”, and that is in everyone’s mind, especially when it comes to diseases. Genetic testing for potential breast cancer has become a necessity in the modern world due to increased cases of breast cancer. The practice is mostly with families within a history of breast cancer cases. It is very necessarily to check routinely oneself for the fatal mutated genes. The test is aimed to check for mutations in selected genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2). The selected genes are known to catalyst the potentially of breast cancer risk. The test determines how severe one is close to be a victim of breast cancer. The step and courage to undertake this test is for the benefit of protecting and enhancing ones health. However, problems arise when checking for the potential cancer genes becomes more of a problem than a solution of a potential problem.

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Prevention is a result of impact of fear that a particular disaster may happen. Person taking the test for the mutated genes are driven by the fear of getting cancer. what about the whole society, if the women fear for the risks of the cancer,? The society is less likely interested with people with terminal illness, especially the employers, insurers and majority of the co-operate world. A research study released in the Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that repeated genetic screening at times is less correct for women with an evident family history of breast or ovarian cancer. Other than that study, it is quite logical of the Psychological impact to a positively tested person.

Other problems associated with the testing of mutated cancer genes includes lack of policies for privacy protection, which leads to a person being valued as a depreciating asset. The Journal of Genetic Counseling enlightens the world of the possible and evident anxiety, stigmatization and discrimination associated with potential and active breast cancer patient. To make matters worse not even love can stand the discrimination and many women lack partners when they disclose their positivity of breast cancer.

Knowing or remaining in the dark?

God (Supreme Being) grants life to every person in a special way. People are always different and have different dynamics. The best a person can do to maintain or better the body that they were granted by God, is only by taking care of that body in efficient and relevant manner. No matter how much one would like to take care of one’s body, some powers are beyond the human being, such as diagnosing oneself when something is wrong.

The availability of genetic testing provides a chance for a person to be provided with vital information about their health risks. The information is helpful especially if one exists in a family with a very high ratio of breast cancer. The information provided may help prevent the loss of life. It is worthy to go the extra mile and prevent oneself from the risk of breast cancer if it is possible.

If breast (testicular) cancer were prevalent in my family, I would close the eye that looks at the benefit of living with the uncertainty of not knowing, and open the eye that sees the benefit to find out if I have carried the mutated gene. I think, the later cost of life with the uncertainety of not knowing if one has the potentiality of breast is much more expensive than knowing oneself sooner. When one is aware of their health status, it is easier to manage what has given to them. Everyone is under obligation to take care of their bodies from god. How else can one protect and take care of something one is not aware of? 

Lesson from Karen and her family (Decoding Destiny)

When one is sentenced for a death sentence, one is more afraid of waiting for the death daily than the actual hanging or injection. The mentality that one is very close to death but unaware when is a harmful mental condition. The pressure to adjust to one living positively with the potential genetic disease genes (BRCA 1 and BRCA 2) is quite a headache. In the story decoding destiny, Karen is tramataused by the notion that almost all her family members have turned out victims of the deadly cancer. It is hard to bet on oneself life.

On a professional note the doctor who was handling Karen was aware of the fact that physical alteration of Karen body would not change her personality. Karen had lost her family and it was not worthy for Karen to die in vain. The least Karen could do to please herself and the dead ones is to undertake the surgery. Although the surgery would make karen loose some vital organs neccesary for reproduction, its more logical to prevent a death than to sustain a painful life.

As I mentioned  earlier, it  is God who grants life and takes it away. The human being vital role in life is taking care of what God has blessed them with. In the case of Karen, its more logical to undertake the surgery than to undertake the genetic testing.  Surgery is more reasonable as it minimizes the multiple challenges and negative impacts associate with routine screening. The story of Karen is quite touchy as we are taken through a journey of what hope and logical decision-making can achieve for one’s health and one associates with the complex and dynamical society in their environment.