Free Cancer and Diabetes Essay Sample

When was the work published?

This medical article “Rise in oral cancer linked to HPV, study shows” was published on November 2011 in The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA).

What are the main points of the article?

The first section of the article analyses the spread and effects of oropharyngeal cancer since 1984 to the present accounting on how HIV and AIDS has affected its control. The author illustrates the progress of the human papilloma virus (HPV) tumors basing her findings on various samples collected by medics from registries. The second section of the article illustrates and analyses the importance of regular dental visits since they can provide medics with a chance to identify diabetes and pre-diabetes in patients.

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Are the qualifications of the authors appropriate?

 Two authors are acknowledged for writing this article. These are Maura Gallison, a renowned medicine professor, and Dr. Evanthia Lalla, a qualified professor in dental medicine. With their academic qualifications, the validity of the medical findings is considerably substantiated. 

Is the purpose clearly stated?

The purpose of the article and the experiments are clearly stated and demonstrated through the systematic processes illustrated by the authors in their collection, analyzing and conclusion on their findings.

Is the experimental design clearly described?

In the article, the authors failed to demonstrate clearly the experimental designs, dwelling mostly on the statistical analysis. Thus, their experimental procedures are difficult to comprehend for a nonprofessional. 

Have the possible influences on the findings been identified and controls instituted?

 Maura blames the increased number of smokers and increased oral sex among men as the main cause of oral cancer. In her writings, she notes that a vaccine was available to curb the spread of the disease among the young males. However, she fails to demonstrate the means of curbing the social behaviors contributing to the spread of the disease. On the other hand, Evanthia fails to illustrate the influences of his findings.

Has the sample been selected appropriately?

Maura and her colleagues effectively selected their samples of cancerous orophyngeal tissues from Hawaii, Iowa, and Los Angelis. By using these samples, they identified and related the two types of oropharyngeal cancer. Similarly, the researchers in Colombia Dental College selected their samples appropriately. This resulted in the attainment of positive results from the 530 out of the 601 patients involved.

Has the reliability and validity of the article been assessed?

Both the findings and conclusions were undertaken under the watchful eyes of nationally recognized research bodies such as Intramural Research Program, Oral cancer foundation and researchers in Colombia University College. With the mandate and support of such expertise, the research findings validity and reliability are beyond doubt.

Is the experimental therapy compared appropriately to the control therapy?

The articles failed to match the control therapy with the experimental therapy. Both authors concentrated too much on natural experiments at the expense of the control experiments.

Is the investigation of sufficient duration?

In both investigations, the periods assigned to both tasks were appropriate as the researches obtained adequate information. However, to determine their consistency more research should be undertaken as suggested by Maura.

Is the statistical analysis appropriate to answer the research questions or hypothesis?

In both findings, the statistical analysis provided does not seem sufficient for the researchers to formulate the hypothesis. More research will provide sufficient data to realize an appropriate conclusion.

Have the research questions or hypothesis been answered?

 By comparing and relating the effects and spread of the human papilloma virus in the United States’ history from1984, Maura supports her hypothesis. The author together with other researchers appropriately analyzed the samples collected from the three states in the United States. Similarly, Evanthis majored on his hypothesis by attempting to pinpoint the link between dental visits and future diabetic incidences among patients.

Do the interpretations and conclusion logically follow the experimental finding?

The authors’ findings and conclusions logically and systematically concur with the experimental reports. Through the conclusion, the authors have provided an overview of their findings. Similarly, Maura’s interpretation on throat cancer logically demonstrates the causes, cures, and prevention.

Do you agree or disagree with the article and findings?

In my opinion, the article report is relevant since the research findings depict the true illustration of the conditions in the society. Maura demonstrates how HIV/AIDS, oral sex, and smoking have reduced the progress of curing throat cancer. In this regard, the authors successfully depict the real scenario. However, in the second  section of the article, the authors suggestions and proves require more research to validate their findings. Some of the diabetic patients have never had any dental problem. Similarly, not all those who exhibit dental issues are future diabetes patients.

What would you change in the article? Why/ Think outside of the box. What would you add or delete?

Given a chance to change the article I would request my readers to investigate my findings by correlating diabetes patients and dental patients. Similarly, I would include graphs in my article to illustrate the trends of the HPV cancer infections from 1988 to 2004. 


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