Free Blood Pressure Management Tips Essay Sample

Eloise should be keener on checking her blood pressure and that of her husband. This could involve a visit to the doctor who will take her blood pressure readings and advise her accordingly. Since her husband is bedridden and cannot make trips to see the doctor, I would suggest she takes lessons on how to read and interpret blood pressure levels at home. This will involve purchasing a blood pressure machine and a few lessons from the physician. This will help her to keep her husband's blood pressure in check. She should also ensure that he takes all his drugs and medications on time as prescribed.

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On the foods that will help to keep Mr. Wannamaker's blood pressure in control, she will have to consult an expert dietician who will assist in composing a healthy eating plan for her and her husband. This will also help to factor in special dietary requirements associated with their age. However, various foods and considerations have to be adopted. She must reduce the amount of salt in the diet; this is because high sodium intakes are known to contribute to high blood pressure. When she goes shopping, she should avoid buying processed food as they contain high contents of salt; moreover, she should take time to read the labels of the various food products to avoid those with high salt and sodium content. She should prepare meals that are low in cholesterol and fats; both saturated and total fat content. Additionally, she should and increase the quantity of fresh vegetables and fruits, and low fat dairy foods. Since her husband is bedridden, she should regulate the amount of food he takes because due to his inactivity high calorie intake would result in a gain of weight. This will aggravate the stroke and increase blood pressure.

I would recommend she adhere to strict dietary approaches to stopping high blood pressure by increasing intake of food such as, poultry protein, whole grains, nuts, and fish. She should reduce the amounts of sugared beverages, red meat, sweets, and fats. The diet should also include adequate amounts of mineral salts and vitamins such as magnesium, potassium, calcium as well as protein and fiber. The recommended servings per day should be observed. Further, she should include some spices and herbs in their diet; some known natural herbs that reduce blood pressure include apple cider vinegar, the garlic pod, cayenne peppers, hawthorn extracts, nutmeg, marjoram, and ginger among others. These are naturally known to reduce blood pressure and should be introduced gradually depending on the tastes and preferences.

To enable her go shopping and drive around she can enroll in a driving class and acquire her driving license. This will help in maintaining independence since she does not have to depend on someone to drive her. Nevertheless, it would be necessary to seek services if a driver on certain occasions or when need for one arises. On the errands, I would recommend she could hire a helper but I would strongly recommend she gets involved in performing these chores as they help to keep her physically active. These daily chores coupled to moderate-level sporting activities, such as walking and going shopping will help her to achieve the physical activity goals. She should organize for an exercise plan for her husband with an occupational therapist, which includes simple exercises such as range of motion (ROM) exercises.

Regardless of the need for independence, it is increasingly difficult for Eloise to keep up and manage to perform all the chores and daily activities of her and those of caring for her husband. Living and caring for a bedridden invalid is an immensely daunting and overwhelming task; this fact coupled to her old age means in one way or another she will have to seek extra help to reduce the strain and burden of caring for her husband in order to ensure they both lead a healthy life.


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