Free Childhood Cancer Impact Essay Sample

The Canadian Cancer society report in 2006 indicated that about 1,300 kids below 20 years of age have been diagnosed with cancer. Even though, the survival chances for the children with cancer are increasing progressively, the psychological, educational together with the social impact the disease has on the children, have been ignored completely. Research showed that an increasing number of children suffering from cancer have been successfully treated. Despite that, it has been noted that the treatment process has serious side effects on the wellbeing of the child. Another important aspect that needs to be explained is how the children will cope in the future, once they get cured of cancer.

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As much as the objective of treating the children is to prolong their lives and make them survive the whole ordeal, the psychological needs of the kids are constantly ignored in many instances. Apart from the social element involved, it is important to take into consideration the major implication the disease and the consequent treatment procedure have on the life of the kid.  The latest research conducted shows that, children suffering from cancer are prone to cognitive deficiencies coupled with learning difficulties. These are clear examples of the many side effects experienced by children undergoing cancer treatment.

Schools play a major role in the lives of these children, because children spent a lot of time there. It becomes crucial for the schools to take a responsibility in the wellbeing of the affected kids. There are many steps that the schools would initiate to ease the implications of the illness, and the ensuing treatment. Implementation of precise programs that reintegrate the children who have survived the cancer and accepting the negative psychosomatic and educational impact, the disease has on children, is very important. This initiative tends to help them in their academic work, as it provides a comfortable environment for learning.

Research conducted in Ottawa –Carleton, revolving around kids recuperating from cancer diagnosis, indicates the importance of a school support plan, and positive influence it has on the life of affected kid. The research involved children between the ages of 8 and 12 years, who were recuperating from cancer and were in dire need of treatment. The parents of the children, who were incorporated in the program, were informed through letters sent to them by the institution board, happened to support the research program. The kids were placed in two groups, depending on the nature of the support program adopted by school. Many schools were involved in the research programs, so as to help to secure participation from as many kids as possible and to enable them to conduct suitable tests that display the positive effects of the support program.

The first step was to look into the arrangement and organization of re-entry programs in different schools, participating in the region. Participants were given out forms to answer the stipulated questions with the help of their loving parents. The questions touched on the children cancer diagnosis state, treatment schedule and projection, financial status and school grades before and after the cancer treatment. It has been proven, that it has a major impact on the school grades of the child. The children were graded on three major subjects, which were English, Mathematics and Science. Total average marks for the three subjects were calculated, and comparison outlining the impact of the cancer recovery program on the grades of the children was made. The objective of conducting the tests was to verify or disconfirm the assumption of the research. 

Lastly, the schooling of kids suffering from cancer is a vital matter that people should deal with by all means possible. Schools serve as a conducive environment for socialization, hence the need for the implementation of the cancer programs. This research plays an important role, in building the foundation for cancer recovery programs in schools. This is because, the children suffering from cancer, have been denied the opportunity of living a normal life, unlike their peers. 


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