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Free All about Depression Essay Sample


Depression is a mood disorder which is characterized by very low moods with feelings of sadness and blues. The condition can affect people from all walks of life or race and is normally brought about due to the many effects of drug abuse in life events which may be sad or tragic in the view of the affected individual. This paper will look at depression from what is the causative agent it's a presentation and various forms. It will also look at the signs and symptoms which present the condition and the various methods which are used for treatment of the illness. What are the factors influencing the occurrence of depression?

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Depression is a set of feelings which creep in on a person in period when he or she will have a mood of great sadness which may be a result of some great setbacks in life or struggles which bring about the disappointment. This is normally accompanied with the feeling of impending great doom on the affected person. In this case the feeling of despair and hopelessness accompanied with worthlessness may come in and they tend to unrelenting and intense. However this should not be confused with any sadness that comes in the day-to-day life which may bring some of this symptoms because in the case of depression the persons functioning is also affected both in the social and work situation as incompetence comes in due to the inability to concentrate.

According to Smith, physiologically the condition is believed to be a result chemical imbalances which tend to occur in the brain, this is a result of many factors which may lead to this with some researchers stating that is can be brought about due to hereditary causes although this is not yet proven, but in most cases it is a result of the occurrence of tragic events in one's life..  Clinical depression is more severe and will not go away hence the need to seek some kind of medical treatment. The disease can affect people of all kind and has no target group or genders that are vulnerable to the condition. Hence all persons irrespective of the race or economic level are all prone to this condition.

Causes of Depression

Berger states that depression has many causes which may lead to the incidence or being at risk of the illness. These causes or risk factors can be classified into two major groups namely that which originate from social issues and those which are due to health issues. Some medical conditions are known to lead one into going into depression; these include conditions like the hypothyroidism which is a underactive thyroid gland. This can cause a hormonal imbalance in the body leading to depression. The occurrence of cancer can lead to depression due the result despair if one will recover. The occurrence of prolonged pain normally implies the suffering of the individual and this can easily lead to the same condition. Finally some medications which are taken if not properly monitored can sometimes have such like side effects. Some of the medication included in such a category includes that taken in easement of the conditions such as high blood pressure and sedatives. Due to this some of the medication taken should be strictly monitored including the side effects to avoid the incidence of the illness.

Signs and Symptoms

Most of these signs and symptoms can be a result of either a medical illness or social event like losing a spouse or a job. Berger states that the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness are signs and should give a warning. This accompanied by the lack of interest in the normal daily activities like pastimes and social activities including sex. The weight and appetite if the individual will change accompanied by change in sleeping patterns where insomnia will be experience. The difficulty in concentration will be another effect as fatigue and energy loss is also experienced. Other signs include the feeling of self loath along with unwarranted guilt. The feeling of muscle pains can also be experienced in the course of this, entire note is to be taken that only one of the symptoms or signs can be caused by other effects and a combination of some of this will warrant the need to seek assistance.

Types of Depression

Major Depression is characterized by the total inability to enjoy anything in life. The symptoms are consistent but vary from moderate to severe. If not treated this can last to up to six months and will tend to recur. The recurrence can be a due to a result of various risks occurring. This great feeling of despair can lead sometimes to one suicide tendencies as they seem as the only option of ending the suffering. Dysthymia a is low-grade but chronic type of the condition which is mostly presented in the form of moderate depressed feeling that is after a while accompanied by the long periods of feeling normal. Hence more people with this condition may not easily be aware of the condition they are suffering from and may think it is having low moods. The final one, Atypical Depression, is more common type of depression in terms of incidence. It features a basic pattern in symptoms which may include the temporary mood being lifted by the occurrence of positive events. The symptoms n this case may include the weight gain, increased of the appetite. The feeling of weight in arms and legs may present itself while the person may not want any sort of rejection in any situation.


The depression is normally recurrent in most people but is recurrent tin most cases. Hence in such cases treatment is needed to avoid long-term effects. The medications that are offered for such cases include antidepressants which include selective inhibitors of serotonin like fluoxetine, sertraline and fluvoxamine which are sold under different brand names. The use of serotonin norepinephrine which are reuptake inhibitors are also employed in the treatment. These include, bupropion, and tricyclic antidepressants, in other cases the monoamine oxidase inhibitors are also used.  In the cases where people present with psychotic symptoms, the use of antipsychotic drugs is employed. In very severe cases other treatment methods like electroconvulsive therapy ad transcranial magnetic simulations have been used.


Depression is an illness that has affected many people from all walks of life. It is normally caused by the chemical imbalances that occur in the brain and it is associated with the tragic events that occur in people's life. The disease has many symptoms all of which are characterized by low moods and inactivity and low performance. The condition can present in different types depending on the severity and the treatment can be done using drugs or other forms of therapy. It is recurrent hence the need for pursuit of treatment from a medical practitioner.


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