Free Disease Prevention Essay Sample

Reasons Why Should Healthcare Organizations Develop Disease Prevention Strategies: Health care organizations have been successful in their practices that they have increased life expectancy. Management of the health of people with chronic conditions so far has been successful thus giving them health assurance. They are able to live for longer than before. The problem is that these chronic conditions are projected to be on the rise with the changes in the lifestyle of people. This raises an alarm; therefore, demanding for the development of disease preventing strategies. These strategies should be developed by the healthcare organizations, which have been of great help to people in their health management.

They can help in educating people on the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and management of chronic diseases. Additionally, if they develop disease prevention strategies they would be the best educators that can provide health education to the society. They have a greater chance of enforcing measures that would not interfere with their strategies. For example, they can influence the government to handle issue such as elimination of toxins and pollutants to improve water and foods that human consume.

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Healthcare organizations have all the capacity and skills necessary for the development of strategies that would prevent diseases. They also understand various prevention measures that they should take. These are primary prevention dealing with prevention of disease from developing, secondary prevention dealing with screening to detect diseases before they fully develop and tertiary prevention, which deals with the prevention of further complication or illness. Healthcare organizations are facilities that should give the necessary attention to people with health issues. Therefore, they should develop the necessary strategies to prevent diseases.

The healthcare organizations understand almost all the causes of diseases in people's life. Therefore, they are the best individuals who can direct any sick person on what to do to avoid certain health hazards that may cause diseases. Some people do not understand that their lifestyle attract chronic disease in their life and so need to be educated. Diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and stroke among other conditions need proper management. Therefore, education on management is necessary; health care organizations and officials should provide it. Others understand their lifestyle could be dangerous but do not understand the impact that it could have.

Alcohol and tobacco are dangerous to the health of every individual; however, people ignore this. Strategies such as educating people on wise choice of life style and diet would be necessary. Healthcare organizations who have the prior knowledge of this would be the best people to develop these strategies among others. Additionally, since it would be from a health perspective it would bear more positive results especially since people today are exposed to health risks at a higher rate than a few years ago. Sunscreen is something that is causing untold suffering and deaths to thousands of people. In reality, people understand that they need sun; however, the exposure rate is unknown to most of them. That is why only healthcare organization would be best for such education in disease prevention.

Healthcare organizations have a duty to implement all the necessary strategies in preventing diseases. They should work with other organizations such as the Red Cross that support them and develop these strategies. Ethically, the health of every individual is dependent on the health organization.  In conclusion, the society should understand that lifestyle is a major contributor of the health complications people face. Therefore, everybody should seek help from the healthcare organizations whenever a need arise. People should not live on an assumption of what they could be suffering from. They should always visit the healthcare for help and advice. Additionally, they should know that many diseases are preventable if the healthcare system utilizes their resources. On the other side, healthcare organizations should always major on the three preventive measures without ignoring any.


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