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Free Eating Meat and Diet Essay Sample


Currently, diets and vegetarianism are very popular tendencies in the communities. Some people follow them because they want to lose weight and other people care about the healthy lifestyle. However, there are those who refuse from meat eating because they want to save animals and protect their rights. It means that the problem of animal ethics remains alarming not only for vegetarians but for meat eaters who have many diseases and health problems and should be preoccupied with their attitudes to animals. Thus, there are many reasons for which killing animals and meat eating are wrong, immoral, and unethical, and these are environmentalism, religion, health, liberal movements, environmentalism, and animal ethics.

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The current trends in the recommended diet and influences on them

In modern societies, diet is regarded as one of the most influential aspects for human health. Not without reason, there many diverse dietary patterns that are practiced by people. Thus, Katz and Meller determine the following ones: low carbohydrate (high protein of animal or plant origin), low fat (vegetarian), low glycemic, Mediterranean, mixed, palcolithic, and vegan. Such variety of diets proves that people follow them for the diverse reasons preconditioned by their personal choice. However, the main messages of these diets are the incorporation of healthful eating and improvement of health conditions. Thus, they encourage consuming not too much food and mostly plants. Katz and Meller underline: This same dietary theme offers considerable advantages to other species, the environment around us, and even the ecology within us. It is obvious that popularity of diets is defined by the desire of people to preserve the natural environment as the number of endangered species is increasing with every passing year. It means that environmentalism inspires them to refuse from meat and restrict themselves with diets.

The current trends in the diets are influenced by the following factors: food scares, knowledge about alternatives to meat, interest in traceability and provenance, concern for animal welfare, awareness of the environmental impacts, interest in health, convenience, cost, cultural significance, and habits. These aspects are the driving forces of following the healthy lifestyle, preserving animals, and becoming vegans. One should also mention that vegetarianism is related to such religions as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. These religious groups demonstrate that it is possible to live without meat eating. Moreover, they are exemplary for other religions as they promote the healthy lifestyle. Dibb & Fitzpatrick state: There is now strong evidence and growing interest and awareness of health, environmental sustainability and ethical reasons to reduce meat consumption. It means that the popularity of diets and changes in eating habits are influenced by the changes in peoples consciousness, pro-health and pro-environmental trends, and liberal movements that encourage people to regard animals as friends and brothers.

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Pollans approaches to diet

Pollan has his approach to eating and diets taking into consideration Singers studies. He believes that people should not consume much food and it should be based mostly on plants. Pollan is not so categorical as Singer in his opinions on meat eating. Thus, he states that both honoring and eating animals is the normal for people. Moreover, he defends meat eating reinforcing the idea that humans and animals are different and their pain and suffering are different. Pollan supports animal killing, but he states that people should do it respectfully. Consequently, Pollan does not impose his diet to people stating that they have the option. As to Singer, he believes: Eating animals, wearing animals, experimenting on animals, killing animals for sport: all these practices, so resolutely normal to us, will be seen as the barbarities they are. It means that Singer is against meat eating, he supports vegetarianism showing respect to animals and having the pro-environmental position that animals and humans have the equal rights.

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The effects of various diets on health, the environment, the economy, or other elements of the world

It is evident that various diets influence the different areas of human life. First, this effect is obvious when it comes to the environment. Thus, food production and consumption practices are pressures on the natural environment that lead to the decrease of plant, animals, and microorganism. Moreover, the dietary choice has an impact on global warming, biodiversity, land and water use. Another influence of diets is on social-cultural practices. As Hindu religious beliefs inspire for vegetarianism, people from other religions can borrow this activity and make it a part of their life. One can underline the parallel between the diets and the level of the economy. Thus, the less healthy food is less expensive than healthy organic food. Consequently, the economy of developing countries does not allow them to be vegetarians and follow the healthy lifestyle. Health is the most influenced aspect when it comes to diets. It is evident that those people who follow diets are healthier than those who consume meat and fat products.

In my opinion, Pollans approach to diet is the best as he neither objects to the consumption of meat nor allows it. Thus, it means that everything should be in measure. Moreover, his approach intends to decrease the level of dehumanization of American animal farming stating that people raise and slaughter its food animals quite brutally and intensively. Thus, I agree with Pollan that it is necessary to shorten the consumption of meat and slaughtering that can lead to the decline of the number of animals and negative impact on human health. Pollan allows meat eating stating that it should be done with the respect, consciousness, and ceremony. Humans may not need to eat meat in order to survive, yet doing so is part of our evolutionary heritage, reflected in the design of our teeth and the structure of our digestion, states Pollan. It means that people cannot refuse from meat totally as it is their natural desire that cannot be overcome. Moreover, Pollan states that vegetarianism is not the solution to the emerged problem vegetarians kill animals too and even more that meat eater especially during the process of the production of meat.

I believe that people can not totally refuse from meat consumption as it is also necessary to their well-being and health. However, they should find the suitable diet to decrease the amount of meat and go with the piscatorian, lactovegetarian, and vegan.

In conclusion, one should say that the diet is a personal choice. There are a large number of diets that are motivated by food scares, knowledge about alternatives to meat, concern for animal welfare, awareness of the environmental impacts, interest in health, convenience, cost, cultural significance, and habits. However, making the decision people should think about the consequences of meat consumption. Moreover, environmentalism, religion, health, liberal movements, environmentalism, and animal ethics are the driving forces that incite people to find the alternative for their enormous meat consumption and slaughtering. Thus, changing dietary patterns are not commitments to the trends of losing weight but the motivation to have the pro-environmental and pro-ecological position that will save a great number of animals, shorten the negative impact of meat and fat on human health, and preserve the environment. Furthermore, it is difficult to say what approach to diets is the best as each of them has strengths and weaknesses.


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