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The act of body having more fats than required is referred to as obesity. This condition may affect an individual's health to an extent of reducing one's life. When an individual is infected with obesity, the possibility of contracting other diseases is very high. Such diseases can be associated with the heart, various types of cancer and problems associated with breathing system (Cameron et al, 12). Although the causes of obesity comes in handy, lack of exercise and a lot of calories are the most known causes with only very few cases being associated with genes. This article is on childhood obesity and the effects in adulthood.

The rate at which children are contracting obesity has become a major concern globally. Due to this, Michelle Obama has deemed it wise to start a project on reducing childhood obesity from 20% to a meager 5% by the year 2030. One of the recommendations to parents from Michelle's initiative is for them to check on types of foods given to children and ensuring regular exercise on their children. The initiative has continued to observe that, the effects that come with this are far reaching especially when one is an adult. The other effects apart from health are the fact that most of those infected with obesity cannot serve in the military. If statistics are anything to go by, the initiative has observed that one in every seven children in the United States is obese. What is even more worrying is that the number is growing each day.

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In yet another observation that could trigger the minds of many in the United States, is why obesity has adverse effects is because, unless something is done, the current generation might have the shortest lifespan than any other. With more and more effects coming on board every other day, experts are still researching on how serious mental effects that comes with obesity can get. Experts deduce that, the impacts on somebody's health when he or she is a child are the same when one is an adult. Another observation that Michelle's initiative has observed is that, very dangerous diseases are being noted in childhood than when one is an adult. The management of this has been very wanting and something requires to be done with immediate effect. Michelle observed that, "all are aware that healthy foods and constant exercise is the key to reducing obesity."

Childhood obesity comes with diverse complications in adulthood. To begin with, the effects that are medical based can either be metabolic related or better still mechanical. The mechanical problems can either be disability of the knees or sleeping problems. The effects that are metabolic related are especially seen when one is an adult. Even though the effects may not be seen when one is still a child chances are that when one is an adult they will appear.

Childhood obesity is the cause of insulin problems during adulthood. When this happens, one faces challenges with the production of glucose in the body. When this happens, the chances of one contracting diabetes mellitus are very high besides hypertension. Studies indicate that, the increase in cases of diabetes mellitus in many kids and adults in almost every country is due to childhood obesity. In around 15 years ago, less than 15% of those children with obesity in United States had diabetes mellitus but around 30% of them are suffering from that condition now that they are adults. The Michelle initiative has equally noted that, around 5% of them have what can be termed as diabetes that is silent.

Another adulthood effect of childhood effect is abnormal monthly periods in women. It has bee noted that obesity leads to women experiencing their periods very early than other normal women. This has been associated by experts as being brought by many fats in the body. Another condition known as amenorrhea in women is equally associated with obesity. This affects the ovaries mostly and is brought by insulin problems.

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Obesity increases chances of one forming gallstone. Gallstones in adults bring such problems as hemolytic conditions, which is normally associated with childhood obesity. In United States for instance, around 33% of adults suffering from this condition had problems of obesity when they were kids. It has equally been noted that women are in most cases faced with these conditions more than their male counterparts.

In yet another effect that emanates from childhood obesity in childhood is problems of sleeping. Studies in the United States show that, 34% to 87% of adults who were obese when they were young have difficulties in sleeping. The condition that is known as OSA has resulted to many looking for medical solutions without success. This condition has very big problems during the day as one cannot concentrate well due to sleep deficit. The condition comes when fats are lodged in the airway leading to lack of sleep. When the fats are disposed in large amounts, the adult cannot breathe well and a space is created which is eventually filled with carbon dioxide. The Michelle initiative has likened the idea of more exercise as it will reduce this condition from occurring. On top of that, the patient can be administered therapy along the pathway and the condition will eventually come to a rest.     

The person who is suffering from obesity and the same proceeds to adulthood can lead to more problems socially. In most cases, when one is a child the effects on development emotionally are far reaching. The individual can face discrimination that comes with very negative effects. This is because the person is associated with too much eating, ill-behaved, greedy and such negative traits that are associated with heavy weight. The adults in most cases are associated with failures who know nothing but eating and this makes them to have negative attitude towards life.

Another far-reaching effect with adults is associated with reduced quality of life in diverse perspectives such as emotional among others. Persons who suffered from obese when they were children are in most cases likely to have an image of the body that is very poor and very little or no confidence in doing things alongside self-esteem that is reduced (Paxon, 183). This is backed up by the fact that children who were obese tried in having a good self image and they had an equally good self esteem but with time, especially for girls, the condition  changes for the worse because they become increasingly conscious about their image when they become grown ups. The above negative effects on adults can make them have very few opportunities in job markets and can have very few friends if any. This may result to most of them earning very little and eventually they end up being poor in life.

Obesity can bring cases of high cholesterol in adults. This is a kind of fat manufactured in the body and can come from the type of food eaten. Although the body of an adult needs some cholesterol to operate well, too much of it is equally dangerous. The most dangerous of them all is high type of cholesterol that is brought by eating too much fat. This condition is very dangerous n adults. Although the condition is said to be hereditary, it can be controlled but having exercises and working on one's diet.

Another adverse effect of childhood obesity in adults is depression. Research carried out indicates that, 65% of those adults who are obese are worst hit by stress that eventually graduates to depression. This can be connected with stigma that emanates from the peers and the community at large. When the image of an individual is said to be damaged by obesity, one automatically feels out of place and unwanted by the community. As a result, the victim might end up getting depressed.

In conclusion, childhood obesity has far-reaching effects in adults. The consequences come in handy in terms of health and social life of the victim in question. This is very dangerous because the well-being of an individual is being put at stake here. Going by increasing cases of obesity in the world, the health experts need to brace themselves up to curb the menace with all ways in the offing. Parents with children with these conditions should taker them to medical check ups quite often.

In the same breath, a lot of chunk food with calories should be avoided as this is yet another way of reducing the weight of a child. Children should be exposed to a lot of exercise as it can equally help. Emphasis should always be put on how to eat in a healthy way. Parents should show love to their children no matter the condition in which they are in. this is because if not loved, more than anybody else, they can easily tell that is the reason they are not being loved and this will only worsen the situation. The support and being accepted besides being encouraged by parents is needed most during this condition. Finally, the parent should be a role model to their kids. When the kid sees that the parent is taking part in exercises and does not eat junk foods, they are likely to imitate them that will have helped them a lot.