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Fad diets are dietary habits that are practiced with the exaggerated purpose of curing a specific disease, and expressing a specific life style such as weight loss. Losing weight is effortless as gaining it. Currently, a lot of weight loss products are available including the most common way that involves using the pill. It is well recognized that fad is not the suitable way of losing weight and better methods exist. Instead of demonizing it, it is essential to learn how deal with it. One just needs to eat fewer calories than the body can synthesis, raise the activity level and decrease the calories consumed to lose weight safely, but this seems to be procedural without promising result forcing many to opt for fad diets.

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Many different types of diets have been deployed to lose weight, with most of these dietary habits avoiding certain types of foods to accomplish the required lifestyle, cure preconceived disease and lose weight. For instance, high-protein diets recommend cutting off the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, which is also a useful part of the suggested eating guiding principle that is consistent with the food pyramid. There are diverse forms taken by fad diets, which include low-fat, low-carbohydrate, high-protein, or concentrating on specific food such as passion fruit. A characteristic of fad diets is that they lack vital nutrients such as nutritional fiber and carbohydrates, selected vitamins, minerals and defensive phytochemicals which are present in vegetables. Lack of these nutrients for a longer duration may create problems at a later stage in life. Insel et al affirm that proportions allowed by these food groups is far above or too below those advocated for by foremost health organizations namely American Heart Association, America Dietetic Association, U.S Department of Agriculture and the surgeon General.

Popular assertions regarding fad diets include holding responsible certain hormones for gaining weight, claiming that body chemistry can be changed by food, publicizing and prohibition of a given food. Nevertheless, they possess a familiar feature, which is they offer a short-lived solution to what is an enduring chronic condition to many people. Lost weight is regained rapidly once the diet is terminated which implies that only water and precious muscle weight are lost. During weight gain, everything is gained as fat, simply because fad diets do not ensure that one is eating right.

Health professionals acknowledge that the process of losing weight is a long term commitment which if not carefully done might result to disastrous health conditions. Every time a new rumor on how to lose weight springs, most of the victims forget about the possible detrimental side associated with fad diets, which is normally associated to deficiency of nutritional value to food limits. Other victims might not have the knowledge to identify if the method used in weight loss is a fad or a helpful program over a long pull. Some effective methods to identify a fad from a plan include being aware of alleged information and countless promises on fad diets. Human nature has revealed that we will always be drawn to fad diets, which is a fast and creates an impression of instant results. This implies that doing away with fad diets needs a lot of efforts and commitment since the definition of fad diet is controversy and cannot be defined. The promises of such diets are impracticable since they not based on any research and are easily concluded to be always victims of weight loss. In addition to this, the diets suggestions are seems to be maximum revealed by personal accounts used to sell the diet and refers to food as good or bad without any supporting information.

Secondly, one needs to stick to his diet. Fad diets become a disease due to particular avoidable reasons such as celebrity approval. Once a celebrity has endorsed a way of losing weight, the entire world thinks that it is the best way to go without considering its health background. Victims come to the conclusion that is the solution to their problem. It is necessary to consult a health professional whether the method is efficient and has zero drawbacks before embarking on fad diets. An individual who sticks to his diet no matter the endorsements will not be a victim of claimed fad impacts.

Thirdly, mental elimination about omitting certain foods will result to weight loss is vital in ensuring safe and healthy weight loss. Almost all these diets work by eliminating food groups for a specified duration with some kind of attention-grabber, which plays a familiar belief on dieting. Since many individuals associate scarcity and depression to dieting hence more willing to fall for these weight loss plans.

Health needs to be put forth before any weight plan is considered, dietary habits should not base on their effectiveness, and rather, they should be measured by their health safety. Most of fad diets have a short-lived solution, characterized by immense loss of pounds due to unhealthy calorie and a lot of fats like whipped cream. Sometimes a change in lifestyle is enough and efficient to lose weight, for example, avoiding pizzas along the way when it is not even necessary. Some indications revealing the filthy side of fad diets include muscle cramps, dizziness, confusion, body dehydration, regular hunger, rigorous diarrhea or constipation and fainting. Individuals with chronic illnesses or under medication need to extra careful before giving in to any weight loss mechanism, hence need to seek medical advice from professional health workers. It can be deduced that quick weight gain can occur since it was lost rapidly once the victim reverts back to a normal diet.

Fads are not only the available methods for addressing weight loss; the science behind the diets can give you a more convenient and safer way of doing it and avoiding the dangers. On the contrary if you must use a fad diet, conduct a comprehensive research accompanied by the advice of a health officer.

Another disadvantage associated with fad diets is the fact that it worsens the body’s metabolic rate. A person on fad diet has the body’s metabolic rate reduced since the calorie intake has been negatively tempered with, similar to when the body is in starvation. The amount of labor it can perform also reduces since there is insufficient energy source. Additionally, muscle depletion takes place in the event of starvation mode. It burns muscle tissues to generate enough energy. The amount of calories that the body can burn carry out basic function is called Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Once the calories have been cut down BMR also reduces functions such as digestion and breathing will not be done properly. As such, continued feeding on fad diets can result to serious health problem which might not be treated.

In conclusion, craze about weight loss is gaining grounds in the fight against weight loss, which is a positive indication that people are cautious about their health. Nevertheless, one needs to use a diet whose functionality has been proven to be safe and not fad diets. The fake diet guide endorsed by celebrities in magazines should not be followed. Commitment to physical exercise and proper dietary habits with reasonable amounts are the most preferred method to lose weight and have a healthy body. Majority of people who switch from characteristic high fat diet and inactive way of life to a recommended diet based slowly and healthy lose weight.


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