Free Food Safety Bulletin Essay Sample

Food borne Illness is on the rise. These illnesses are brought about by the careless handling of fruits by the fruit venders. Fruits exchange different hands before it reaches the market shelves. Markets are congested and dirty. Vegetable vendors should handle and store the vegetable at very clean places. The preservation of vegetables and fruits should be in clean, dry and cool places. Market should be cleaned on daily basis to maintain cleanliness.

Cholera is a disease that is commonly brought about by contamination of  food and water. It mainly occurs in crowded and areas of poor sanitation, the symptoms of this disease are; dry skin, excessive thirst, nausea, abdominal cramp and vomiting. This symptom may vary from mild to severe. Food that is contaminated can also cause hepatitis disease that has the following symptoms, dark urine, and fatigue, itching and yellowing of the skin. Hepatitis can be prevented by washing the hands thoroughly after using the washroom and when coming in contact with the blood of an infected person's stool, and other body fluid. Secondly, avoid unclean food.  

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The health department has put in place measures to built water point at structurally place in the market. All people should wash their vegetables and fruits from the market place before consumption. Meat should have been inspected and stamped with the quality mark, before it is taken to the butcher, and this will lead to a healthy nation. Fish should be stored in refrigerators and covered shelves to prevent them from becoming stale and away from flies. Nutrition is key to an individual's health, all produce from the market should be fresh and not damaged. Nutrition information is best obtained from health centers and nutrition centers only.  

More information on the methods to prevent and detect the diseases caused by contaminated food, can be obtained at the market office or any health centre near you. Information can also be obtained from our help line.


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