Free Food Poisoning Cases in US Essay Sample


  1. Cases of food poisoning  in the US
  2. Safety of food supplies
  3. Governments measures on food security
  4. Terrorism and safety of food supplies
  5. Effects of Acrylamide on humans
  6. Venison consumption in the Midwest

Nancy Donley warned the nation about the low state of food security after her son died of food poisoning. E coli and listeria have been the major causes of food poisoning, resulting in deaths in the US. For security purposes, large amounts of contaminated meat underwent a recall. These contaminated foods killed about 5,000 people and millions hospitalized in the US. DeWaal, a director at the CSPl, said that the Food Safety System contains many gaps and this has led to cases of illnesses and deaths. This has cost the nation billions of dollars yearly, in medical costs.

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USDA reported that cases of food poisoning have been increasing compared to earlier times where only few people reportedly suffered of this. This is attributed to the globalization of food supply, use of untreated irrigation water, and low sanitation standards of slaughterhouses. This has necessitated an increase in inspection rate of imported foods from 1 to 2.5 %.

 Steven says that the nation has the safest food supply although some claim that there is a high probability that it is less safe compared to it 20 years ago. This is true because there have been many instances of poisoned food being recalled and many others either dying or being sickened. For example, in 1996, a girl died after taking unpasteurized juice and many fell sick, in 1997,more than 20 million pound of beef were recalled, in 1998, several millions of hot dog were recalled after 15 deaths occurred and many sickened.

Although the government has carried out revamped inspections, it has been hard to get rid of those pathogens. This is because food poisoning can occur at any point of the food path; meat may be contaminated during processing, slaughter or even before. GAO pointed out that other than meat, other food plants do not meet the sanitation standards, and the government had not taken any measures against them. Riley added that, to ensure consumer safety, there is need for actions, rather than just having regulations that remain unflawed. The government should also put more emphasis on safe farming methods in order to improve food safety.

Due to the small percentage of imported food undergoing inspection, there is fear that terrorists may take advantage of food poisoning and kill many people. Although this may happen, many people have disapproved its viability due to the strict rules and inspections taking place in every food plant. Large amounts of toxins, for example, will be required to contaminate water reservoirs that have clean drinking water. Another way, which the terrorist may poison food supplies is by direct spray of poison on foods like vegetables. This may not be effective because inspection is done to detect any poison before the food substance is supplied for consumption.  

Acrylamide proves to be a carcinogen and may lead to deaths of teenagers and children. It inhabits in fried foods and overcooked foods, although there exist no correlation between them. Stephen said that there is nothing different that consumers can do because carcinogens are found in almost all foods. This has brought a lot of confusion and people have been advised  to take balanced diets in order to avoid the risks of cancer. This is based on laboratory results, which have not given any positive effects of Acrylamide on humans.

Consumption of Venison has brought dilemma in Midwest, some hunters have opted to stop hunting for fear of developing a disorder. Research has shown that prions of CWD can convert proteins to deadly forms, although with little probability. These prions survive for a long time in the air and it is difficult to eradicate them completely. Prions cause Chronic Wasting Disease in animals although much remains unknown, especially on its effects on human beings.


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