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The article was written by Gary Lear and it’s about training as well as development. It tries to establish the connection between training and performance levels. It provides evidence that training actually provide value to organizational performance. However, not every training program will be beneficial to an organization in terms of performance improvement. There are those specific areas that training should focus and place efforts as well as resources on in order to realize success. The article presents a research done by Resource Development Systems on the factors that bring about differences in organizational performance.

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In their research, they identified seven high performance elements which include people, trust, personal responsibility, vision, leadership, strengths and innovation. Among these elements, focusing on people became the most dominant element as far as organizational performance is concerned. People in this context refer to organizational employees and focusing on them entails interaction as well as engagement. Training is vital and organizational management should identify training needs and react to them accordingly. The article presents a discussion on whether certain kinds of training really make a difference on performance level than others. In this regard, the research identified three kinds of training, i.e. business training skills, technical training skills and fundamental skills training.

According to the article, the key training programs perceived to make a difference on organizational performance focus on areas such as culture, operations, relationships and engagement. Organizations need to find ways on how to deliver the core training programs with regard to specific areas identified. However, most organizational managements have poor leadership and development skills and conducting training programs is a challenge to them,. To realize success in training programs, organizations need to come up with a training and development strategy, which should be adhered to strictly.


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