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Question Asked/PICOT Statement

The question asked helped frame the whole study with regard to the population, intervention used, comparison of approaches, the expected outcomes, and time. In this regard, the question that was asked in this research can be framed as: Among women in their postmenopausal stage in life, would sleep hygiene training integrated with relaxation exercises as compared to medications prescribed to them help in healing insomnia within a period of 8 weeks?

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Approach of Study

The study utilized a randomized controlled trial approach to identify the impact of progressive relaxation practices and sleep hygiene education provided to postmenopausal females with insomnia. A randomized method is founded on chance alone by which respondents are assigned to the treatment group. It played a significant role in minimizing the diversities among the groups of patients by equally spreading those with specific traits among all the trial branches. In such a case, it would be possible to come up with the better intervention or a combination thereof.

The study in question has some bias caused by the randomized method that was used. One of them is that the research did not determine the menopausal status of women through a clinical intervention or diagnosis. In this regard, it is clear that insomnia status of women was determined using the Women’s Health Initiative Insomnia Rating Scale (WHIRS) that was the same used to identify the efficacy of the intervention. In fact, the study only examines postmenopausal insomnia. Ideally, it would mean that there lacked any comorbid depictions or reports of depression, sleep interruptions, anxiety, as well as fatigue that are significant determinants of insomnia. Through the randomized approach, the study only involved health postmenopausal women on the basis of the inclusion or exclusion method. In this regard, the study did not encompass the specificity that it ought to have integrated.


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