Free Health Care Access in the United States Essay Sample

Access to health care is one of the significant indicators that defines people’s quality of life. The United States government has made immense gains in improving the quality of health care, achieving more efficiency, and increasing access to health care. Despite these efforts, the government still faces a challenge in reducing the number of people who cannot access health care. The United States estimates that about 5 to 6% of its citizens do not have access to health care (Jones & US. Dept. of Agriculture, 2010). This statistics has been one of the catalysts for President Obama to reduce the number of people who cannot access care.

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The ObamaCare is one of the programs that aimed at extending care to more citizens, by reducing inequality in health care access. This program stipulates that young adults will continue to receive care from their parent’s healthcare plans, until they are over 26 years old. In addition, the program mandates that the government should provide retirees aged between 55 and 64 with a temporary insurance cover for them to access health care. With regard to small business, the program extends a tax credit to small businesses to motivate them towards starting insurance programs for their employees (Sánchez, Kopp, & Sanzari, 2010). These strategies focus on providing increase access to care. Notably, lack of insurance appears to be one of the inhibiting factors reducing people’s access to health care. This is the reason the ObamaCare program’s focus is to increase insurance cover and provide Medicare for all (Pipes, 2010).         

Various fundamental issues of fundamental importance reduce the success of ObamaCare program. Brock (2012), contends that ObamaCare program places a bigger emphasis on demand of health care services. This presents a complex situation because the program distorts the supply and demand relationship. Whereas demand is critical in promoting access to care, the supply of these services lies at the core of increasing the number of people who can access health care.


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