Free Health Care Delivery Systems Essay Sample

The history of health care delivery differs from region to region, and today there is a wide range of different types of health delivery systems. They differ from nation to nation affected by different cultures, histories and other specifications. In some countries health care delivery is controlled by government or other public organizations that represent a special unified system that covers the needs of society. There are states where health care delivery is allotted to different participants of the health care market. Therefore, the health care delivery systems can be private or public. They also differ in their origins, payment models and state income level. To see the differences and similarities of different types of health care delivery systems, it is needed to study the examples of implemented systems in different countries.

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The Australian health care delivery system, Medicare, is a public one. The system is funded through the Medicare ley, the taxation type that is not paid by the poor and is enlarged for the rich. The system covers the needs in medical treatment of the entire Australian population (Yadav, Cheng, Odigwe, Shibata, Ham, 2009). The system covers the fees, but the real coverage depends on the place where the medical treatment is received and who treats the patient. All the fees are covered if the patient is a public one. In such case, the public hospital provides a patient with all medical care from the specialists designated by the hospital. The private patient receives medical care from the chosen doctor and receives only seventy five percent cover. However, the rest may be covered by the private insurance if the patient has one. Australian system supports the combination of public and private health care insurances. The doctors are self-employed.

The United Kingdom public health delivery system is also public and it is called National Health Service (NHS).  Such a system is really unique as it was the first one to provide the health care delivery service for the entire population. The medical treatment is provided because of the need and is not based on the financial means. The material support comes from central funds, and the system functions to provide the good quality medical treatment that meets the needs of the whole population. The system depends on the medical practitioners that represent the first step in the medical treatment sector. Another important role is given to the hospitals. The doctors are employed by NHS. The general practitioners’ contracts are regarded by NHS (Gillies, 2003).

The Untied States health care delivery system combines public and private types as it also has both types of health insurance. The private insurance covers more than a half of the population, because a lot of people get insurance on their working place. The public sector has different programs that specify on the particular group of people. There exists Medicare for the old people and people with disabilities, a Medicaid program for the poor adults and the State Children Health Insurance Plan for poor children. Unfortunately, the system is not effective, because a huge number of people still lack the health insurance and medical care (Chase, 2013). American health care delivery system is the most expensive in the world, although it does not satisfy the population.

Absolutely different missions and philosophies are being represented in the above examples. From my point of view, the health care delivery system aims to support people with the proper medical treatment as the medical care is the most important service for the healthy and wealthy society. That is why I support the United Kingdom health care delivery system as I think that this sphere needs to base on people’s needs, not on their financial abilities. The human life and life in general cannot be measured in money, so I think that health care delivery needs to be free from it. In addition, the doctors have to be employed and supported to feel that they also receive the needed help and support as they really deserve it.


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