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Free Health Care System Essay Sample

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Health care system is a mandatory requirement in any country as people get sick often and require medical attention. This is a contentious issue in most countries as the cost of health care keeps rising with decreasing employment levels and high costs of living. An insurance cover is helpful in the long run as patients will be able to afford medication that couldn't have been afforded without the Insurance cover.

Whether this care should be provided for by the government is a consideration all Countries should make, and if yes, to what level as it is quite expensive.  Before answering this question, we look at the state of healthcare systems in the United States, France, United Kingdom and Cuba, following a documentary release by Michael Moore in 2007. We also look at the current healthcare reform at the United State under the Affordable Care Act signed in March 2010 by President Barrack Obama.

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Michael Moore released a documentary, SICKO, in 2007, which compared the provision of health care in France, United Kingdom, Cuba, with that in United States. In United Kingdom, the National Health Service, (NHS), a government initiative provided a public health care system, funded by the government. Michael interviews patients at hospitals and discovers that in United Kingdom, there are no out-of-pocket payments by patients. Citizens under the age of 16 together with those over 60 receive free drugs and the pharmaceuticals come at a reduced rate to all citizens. The NHS provides health care to low income earners at the same rate, and reimburse their miscellaneous costs like travel costs in seek of medication.

He later moves to France, where he interviews OB-GYN practitioners together with other medical expatriates. In France, the government provides a 24 hour medical service to citizens by providing physicians to house calls. Getting back to United States, Michael focuses o the volunteers and rescuers of the September eleventh attack. As expected, most of the volunteers experienced both physical and psychological adjustments during and after the rescue operation. Some developed respiratory disease, post traumatic Stress disorders, and other psychological imbalances. However, most people would expect the government to help these volunteers access medical Attention, which they were denied. They were not given funds to get medical treatment and access counselling session. Moore compares this with the attention these volunteers received in Cuba. Upon arrival and seeking medical help, they were treated without much questioning like Employment details, medical insurance, or country of origin the only details asked were their dates of birth and names.

This was a challenge to the U.S, how they would treat their own nationals especially regarding medical provisions.   

United States has made a major milestone with the Affordable care act signed in March 2010. The act takes care of different groups, with their respective possible needs, together with all citizens. The groups include employers, young adults, people with disabilities, families with children, and individuals. Under this act, there are a number of reforms which include:

Patients' protection reform

The provision under this reform is that patients can choose a primary doctor to attend to them as long as the doctor is from your plan's network. ER services should be given without your plan's network and without any additional costs.

Benefits appeal rights reform, giving patients the right to appeal to their plans for reconsiderations for payment denial services.

Insurance protection for children

Children under the age of 19 cannot be denied treatment benefits, or be limited in any case. Closely related to that is the Young adult coverage. Which allows parents to keep their young adult children of up to age 26 in their plans, should it cover children.

The early retiree reinsurance Program

Under this act, it offers employers with financial help to cater for their early retired employees. The act also eliminates limits on benefits offered by Insurance companies. Individuals with pre existing conditions who are denied insurance by private companies are also provided for by the government. With the reform, provisions re provided for those in the "donut hole" as they will be given a 50% discount to cover brand name drugs, while prescription drugs will be covered continually. It also prohibits insurance companies from cancelling insurance coverage because of employer mistakes during form filling.

The affordable care act also aids small businesses in affording costs for their employees' coverage. The value and accountability reform discourages insurance from increasing premium payments and limits the spending of premium money to basically be for healthcare. Another important provision under the act is the patient's bill of right which covers most of what has been said above. Demanding that children acquire insurance and maintain it, choice of doctors, etc. it also hopes to strengthen the Medicare state at the United State (Moore, Carvantes & Bush 36).

With the above knowledge, we can therefore deduce that Healthcare system should nit be left to the individual because of its costs. The government should take an active role in providing this service. Those unemployed, children, the elderly and people with disabilities wholly depend on the government to provide a comprehensive healthcare system for them however, to avoid fraud, denial and other crimes surrounding insurance company's the government should also take control to check how employees are insured and how they are treated. The government role is strong in health care provision for its citizens and of denied; the whole country could go down as no one wills wok with poor health and no treatment. Government should also not be wholly relied upon to provide Medicare to citizens as this will hinder development of other sectors. It is important to recognise the special groups that need the government help, meanwhile employers should provide this service with minimal deductions.


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