Free Health Effects of Bromine Essay Sample

There is an increase in the rates of infections which are related to intoxication among the residents of the area near Levski Tanners. Evidence points out that the factory is the root cause of the illnesses since the trends of disease indicate so. The number of illnesses decreases as one move from the factory. This is understandable because the concentration of pollutants increases with close proximity to the factory. The increased concentration amplifies the level of pollution.

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From a critical approach, it is notable that the factory is responsible for the infections. The residents have shown serious signs of infection as evident in their eyes and skin. Further research identified that the bromine from the tanning factory caused the problems and the extent of infection is dependent on the amounts that get into human body. Blood samples show that residents near the factory have a higher concentration of bromine than those who live further away.  

The factory releases its waste to an open tunnel where the bromine used in tanning evaporates into the air. The bromine in gaseous form gets into the eyes and on the skin upon direct contact. According to Black and Veatch explained scientifically that direct contact with bromine causes skin and eye infections. The same conditions have been observed among the residents near the tanning factory.

From the cost-benefit analysis, it is advisable that the factory adopts a better way of disposing the waste. Demolishing the factory will lead to joblessness because a significant number of the residents work in the factory. However, if the factory continues to operate the same way the residents will continue experiencing the same problems. Therefore, the appropriate solution is to let the factory continue its operations; however, the factory should treat its waste before releasing it to the open land. The local community should ensure that the company legally commits itself to treat the waste and compensate those who are already infected.


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