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It is beyond reasonable doubt that the uninsured are among the most secluded people as far as healthcare in this country is concerned. Therefore, there is a need to come up with a policy that will ensure that this group of people enjoy quality healthcare just like any other citizen. As much as the country’s economy faces numerous challenges, it is sensible to ensure that all people enjoy whatever may be there to in equal measures. Having a proper healthcare policy is essential since it has many advantages to the ordinary citizens.

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To begin with, this policy will ensure that most if not all citizens are guaranteed of quality medical care whenever they fall sick. This means that the country will have a health population. In line with this, the economy will save a significant amount of money that would have been spent by the beneficiaries in case the diseases they suffer from are chronic and preventable. This is because the policy seeks o ensure that the government takes the necessary steps to include the uninsured in its healthcare spending.

Secondly, the policy will encourage responsible authorities to formulate affordable insurance covers that the government will be able to accommodate. This means that the effects are likely to trickle down to the cost of healthcare, making it cheaper for many people. This will eliminate the current bias that favours only the insured, these are mainly in the high income bracket.

The current health system is discriminatory if the problems with the uninsured are anything to go by. Therefore, the legislation towards solving the problem should look at the problem in totality given the fact that many people are affected. This means that the law should be comprehensive, covering the entire problem. The fact that many people are affected across the nation means that the legislators have to support the policy in order to have a fair and a health nation. Finally, the entire healthcare policy should be revised to ensure that disparities such as those witnessed with the uninsured are addressed.


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