Free Health Policy Essay Sample

Women are believed to be major beneficiaries of health care since they encounter more health problems in every stage of their lives than men. They also encounter health emergencies since most of them face certain circumstances such as rape, pregnancy, and various health issues. However, most of them have no access to health services (Kaiser, 2012). This is why there is a need for a considerable health policy that will take care of their health problems.

This health policy will address women with three categories of health problems; these include pregnancy services, women that have been subjected to rape, and other health issues of women, such as common diseases and domestic abuse. Pregnant women often have difficulties when accessing pre-natal and post-natal services. This policy will suggest that women pay a maximum of 10% on health services depending on their marital status. Women with no marriage partners will pay a total of 5% while women with marital partners will incur a total of 10%. These funds will cater for the needs of women during pregnancy, delivery, and even after the pregnancy period. On matters of rape, emphasis will be laid on individuals responsible for this type of sexual abuse. The government will cater for instant health attention after a rape case. Women will receive medical attention, and such includes abortion services if any is needed. The rapist will be forced to account for most of the health funds. The government, in corporation with health centres and other charitable organization, will be charged with the responsibility of ensuring that women who have been raped access guidance and counselling services.

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In view to other health services, such as medical attention on victims of domestic violence and other health needs, this policy requires that these women provide a fee of a total of 20% annually. There will be no taxes that are going to be charged on all the medical coverage. In demanding the funds for these types of medical cover, the government will consider the economic capabilities of these women. One of the major aspects this policy suggests is the need for health education among women (Garcia et al, 2010). This is important because it equips them with knowledge on how to access healthcare, where to access it, and how their funds are distributed and utilized to care for their health. Women are the major caretakers of homes and they also form an important part of the economic productivity in the country. Therefore, their health is paramount among other issues in the country. The government should make more preparations to ensure that they formulate more constructive health policies which will ensure that women do access quality and affordable health care.