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Health care is one of the largest public assistance programs for the poor who have less access to private insurance. While private industry covers 84 percent of the population, the costs associated with public programs that protect the remaining 16 percent have proved controversial. Support for the poor and needy and individuals who utilize medical services expanded in 2005, covering, covering fifty seven million people and costing the federal government billions of dollars. This has been compounded by the notion that private insurance companies hand-pick those to provide cover. 

With the enactment of the Health Care bill that President Obama signed and avidly supports it is quite clear the stakes are quite high and sufficient health care is sure to be delivered to all. This encompasses all members of the populace ranging from the children through the youth to the elderly. The efforts have not ignored private insurers, nor have they been successful to that end. Whereas the government has provided sufficient Health care as per the plan, executing still proves a paramount challenge. Professionals have also not been excluded. Medical practitioners have had their say whilst economist question how it will impact on the economy of US.

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One major hurdle are private insurance providers who are not privy to this idea. Buoyed by their profit targets, they engage strict guidelines ostensibly to ensure optimal realization of their set goals. They deny health insurance for so-called pre-existing conditions or increase the costs of premiums when enrolling patients and assigning them to this category. The situation is worsened by the backing they receive from Republicans, understandably in the form of passing favorable legislation in exchange for campaign contributions for their political advancements and arguments. The republicans in general are not great admirers of the healthcare proposals endorsed by the Obama administration, which seeks to provide more affordable healthcare to more citizens.

Contrary to the stand of the republicans, the Democrat Party wants to create an environment were health care insurance companies would provide coverage to families at a fair and reasonable cost. President Obama health care plan is all inclusive. His goal is to make health plans that are accessible to all; that is across the country, for the self-employed, for small business employers and employees and the uninsured. Ideally, the benefits provided would be similar to those that of Congressional representatives and their staffs (remember this is ideally). The ultimate goal is to ensure families have access to health security and at a minimal and affordable cost.

For compulsive consideration, all parts of the populace need to be considered. The elderly thus deserve higher attention as compared to the other age groups. Senior citizens would like to see improvements to programs that help low income Americans in Medicare (the elderly) afford the health care and prescription drugs they need for maintenance of health lives. The creators of the law want to stop any kind of discrimination against children with preexisting conditions such as birth defects, sickle cell disease, orthopedic problems, diabetes, leukemia and cystic fibrosis. On March 19, while addressing to health care rally, President Obama stated, "From this year forth, the health insurance companies to be held responsible for denying the children with preexisting conditions, the proper coverage.".

Medical practitioners are part of this debate as avid stakeholders. The medical profession, as a rule does not like to become overtly involved in political policy debates, but supports a few arrangements. The aim of the AMA is to maintain the respectable bond between the physicians and the patients without the involvement of the insurance company officials or the government. A valid perspective is evaluating the prosperity of an healthy nation. This puts to spotlight the ultimate outcome of Obama's Health care reforms as it protracts a positive impact on the American economy.  There is speculation that President Obama's proposed health care plan, will create a positive impact on the American economy.

Among these assumptions, is that health reform will put money into the economy, in the form of financial assistance for health insurance premium costs, lower overall costs of medical care and more expendable income that at one time would have been diverted to health care expenses. According to a study conducted by Jonathon Gruber, families that are economically stressed and concerned about a catastrophic medical event, will now be more inclined to spend money instead of saving it to for anticipated medical expenditures (as well as liquidating assets to meet eligibility requirements for assistance).

The insurance companies (at least stated publicly and than recanted) are still going to completely undermine the order of the government officials. They are of the opinion that according to the law, they cannot be forced to write insurance for children or families with preexisting conditions until 2014. Henry Waxman was livid with the suggestion that they colud ignore government orders. Senator John D. Rockefeller IV questioned the sense behind ignoring the needy members of the society to target those at less risk.

Health care services should be provided to one and all without any kind of inequity. The insurance companies want to turn their backs on certain members of society in the name of profit, when they should be playing their part. Despite the active role of the government in providing for children with preexisting conditions, it is the health insurance companies that deny these claims and should be held accountable. The healthcare insurance industry in the United States (U.S.) should be held accountable and cannot escape major criticism from the general public for discriminating against people with medical problems who lack adequate financial resources.


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