Free Helping a Patient Essay Sample

When a family member or a close friend has proven to be sick, there is a lot that can be done in order to make them feel better. When a family member just arrives from war and everybody sees that he is not in a good position to do anything and even children fear getting closer to him, then there are certain ways in which someone should help them. Mr. Michael just came back from war and due to the fact that he came back looking sick, I decided to bring our family together and help Mr. Michael to get some treatment.

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He is a patient of 72 years old who has been healthy for his entire life claims that he had not been examined for more than ten years and he is not taking any medications and that he has never had a surgery in his life although he wears glasses for reading and his left ear has lost 60% of hearing. He had been taken to another country as a soldier to fight for his country and owing to the fact that he had been hearing a lot of gun shots and bomb blasts, he became traumatized and this affected his health because he became very ill and was being given treatment in the hospital and lost his weight and he was looking physically helpless. Communicating with him has become very hard due to the fact that he is very ill.

Mr. Michael became ill after he fell down and fractured his right hip during the war and got a surgery which was successful and uneventful. Subsequent to ascertaining that he had hypertension and was diabetic, the doctors gave him counseling on how to regulate his use of sugar which he followed and was given other advices on how to loose weight which he also obeyed due to his high level of discipline and was told that he would use a walker after being discharged for mobility.

As part of the plan of discharging him from the hospital there are things that should be done and they should be done in regards of the cleanness in the place where the patient stays and these includes the medicines that he takes, the food that he eats and the environment at large since it also consists of the air that he will breath which should be efficient and pure for him to recover as soon as possible. For him to become well again there are certain measures that should be taken and these are such as cleanliness of the environment where he is and the safety of the food that he is supposed to eat.

As part of helping Mr. Michael, the close family members should show him much concern through visiting him in the hospital and also giving him company. Mr. Michael is also expected to be playing a role which is to keep the time for medication and respond to people who are working towards his recovery in a positive manner.


Finally, since there is increase in the problems faced by patients in their health care environment, patients prefer the combination of efforts of different physicians with different disciplines and skills. Caring for a patient involves every effort made towards solving problems that do not only lie within ones expertise or training but also to bring together different health care professional and knowledge.


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