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It would be a major breakthrough if a healthy ice cream was produced in terms of health benefits rather than calories. A student has ventured into a research of developing an ice cream which will be of benefit to athletes, obese people and the diabetics. He has gotten a $17,000 scholarship to support him in his work. He is Sean Nixon, a 22 year old, fifth year student at the University of Waikato doing his masters in Engineering. He is also a co-director of Tuatara Nutritional Technologies.

He intends to patent the project thus he can't reveal any details at the moment, he is just doing some research before developing samples. After having made a formula and patented his creation, he intends to approach an ice cream manufacturer. This ingenious idea came as a result of discussing with colleagues whether it would be possible to enjoy a full flavored, but healthy, ice-cream after a gym session. He received a Mary Earle Scholarship in Technology which intends to urge on postgraduate research into aspects in technology and also a Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship recipient due to his excellence in rugby.

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Nixon's project should be supported since ice cream really makes us happy though with the much ado it has over health as researchers put it calls for a compromise. Maintaining weight loss is a challenge though it can be achieved by reducing calories and exercising. Ice cream contains calcium which is an essential nutrient naturally in our body like in keeping our bones and teeth healthy. 

Another role it plays is in maintaining our bodies' weight as it has been found out in the recent studies that, calcium rich dairy products inhibit or stop lost weight from being gained again that was by Professor Michael Zemel, the head of department of nutrition at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

When the calcium intake is low adrenaline increases, this is known as high calcitrol level. Actually when the calcitrol is too much as stated in a recent study by Heaney causes the arteries to constrict thus directly influencing the blood pressure. The eating called DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) may lower or prevent high blood pressure, in which low-fat dairy foods are constituted.

It has been claimed in the recent study that Calcium never stops working though it is used for bone building and that is the new wonder nutrient! Calcium is very important in the control of blood pressure, for example the consumption of nonfat milk or yoghurt in one's diet, this is low fat ice cream has half the calcium of plain nonfat yoghurt and twice its calories.  

So while it good for the body, it helps one to maintain the figure by losing weight, shedding of belly fat and maintain your weight loss. It is advisable to eat ice cream time after time, so long the sugar and saturated fat is put to check and adding nonfat milk or nonfat yogurt in your diet

Calcium also reduces cancer risk, this is evident for example nowadays, and calcium supplements are either marketed as bone-builders or a way to reduce the risk of colon cancer. In a research conducted by Harvard researchers about 135,000 people were tracked and found that danger was higher in those with low calcium intake (400 mg). Those who took in more than 1,250 mg a day of calcium reduced their risk of colon cancer significantly, but, surprisingly, getting 700 mg was just as protective. It has not yet been proven why calcium helps fight colon cancer, says Robert Sandler, M.D., a cancer researcher at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. One strong claim is that perhaps calcium might bind to bile salts in the colon, thus inactivating the bile salts reduces the carcinogenic risk."

Surprisingly Calcium now seemingly shows to have a role in resolving mood swings, bloating and premenstrual symptoms. The authors of the Canadian Family Physician in a review of several studies claim that there is enough information to warrant doctors to prescribe 1,200 mg of calcium daily as an effective premenstrual symptoms treatment.

It has always been a standard procedure for doctors to traditionally to recommend a low diet in Calcium in order to reduce the risk of kidney stones. A five year old study was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, that compared an adequate calcium diet (about 1,200 mg a day) to a low-calcium diet (400 mg) on 120 men with recurrent kidney stones, the subjects on the low-calcium diet were twice as likely to get kidney stones as those who ate the high-calcium diet.

Though ice cream has a bad reputation to the diet conscience and conscious of their health by many people it is unduly undeserved in general. As a matter of fact as noted in the previous and most recent study is that ice cream actually has more health benefits than we are aware.

To those with weight problem issues ice cream can be a positive additive to one's diet. It has been proven empirically through studies that calcium rich diets assists a great deal in reducing weight and shielding the extra pounds after achieving the desired threshold. In a summation ice cream which is a rich source of calcium and a dairy product can be used in the daily supplement of calcium.


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